Child Resistant Packaging

Child resistant packaging article banner.Child resistant packaging article banner.

What Is Child Resistant Packaging?

Child resistant packaging, or also known as “special packaging” or “CR packaging”, makes sure that adults can access the contents within the containers. Child resistant caps are an ideal closure option for containers that need extra security. Having proper packaging is very important, especially if you need it to be child resistant. Ensuring children cannot have easy access to certain products should be a top priority. Before child resistant packaging, kids were able to access harmful items that was causing serious injuries.

The History of Child Resistant Packaging

The idea of child resistant packaging was first introduced in the 1960s, when the leading cause of injuries amongst children under five was ingestion of harmful substances. In 1970, the United States passed legislation that required harmful products and medications to increase safety measures. 

After this law was passed, President Nixon signed the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) into law. This required packaging for medications and harmful household substances to have better safety measures. From this, child resistant packaging was invented. 

Why Is Child Resistant Packaging Required?

Child resistant packaging creates a great first impression for customers if your products are in these containers. Just because it meets child resistant standards, doesn't mean it's 100% childproof. It means that it’s more difficult for a child to try and open the container. When testing products to determine if they are child-resistant, a panel of children are given 10 minutes to open the package. For a package to be considered child resistant, 80% of the children should not be able to open the package after 10 minutes of trying. 

The PPPA defines “household substances” as: 

Bottle and cap with a child resistant closure.Bottle and cap with a child resistant closure.

What Products Need Child Resistant Packaging?

  • Acetaminophen
  • Aspirin 
  • Ibuprofen 
  • Dietary supplements 
  • Mouthwash
  • Prescriptions
  • Tobacco

4 Benefits of Child Resistant Packaging

1. Safety

Keeping children safe is very important. Child resistant packaging can do just that as it stops them from accessing items that they shouldn't have access to. Young kids will try and eat anything they find, because they don't know the difference in the first place. This packaging and caps will keep toxic products away from them.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Certain items require child resistant packaging, like medicines, chemicals, or cannabis products. If you think your product could be dangerous to young children, this packaging is your solution.

3. Protection Against Accidental Poisioning

Having a peace of mind that your items are harder to open for young children will protect against accidental poisoning. This packaging is not 100% childproof, but will reduce the risks of harming kids.

4. Brand Association

Child resistant packaging shows that companies care about the safety of its consumers. People look at every aspect of a brand. Following safety regulations shows customers that products will be kept safe.

Types of Child Resistant Caps

Keeping products away from kids they shouldn't have access to will require a child resistant cap. The best type of protective packaging ensures contents cannot be opened by young kids that can be harmful to them. These child resistant caps provide a level of security to your products.

Example push down and turn cap.Example push down and turn cap.

Push Down and Turn Caps 

Push down and turn caps help prevent young kids from opening dangerous products. Also called PDT caps, they are marked on top with directions for opening the caps. To open, apply downward pressure on top of the cap and turn it open. These caps are often used for medicines, solvents, cleaners, harmful substances, and more.

Example of a pictorial child resistant cap.Example of a pictorial child resistant cap.

Pictorial Child Resistant Caps 

Similar to push down and turn caps, pictorial CR caps help reduce the risk of children accessing products they shouldn’t get to. Also known as PICT caps, they have pictorial directions on top to provide directions for how to open the cap. Pictorial caps are commonly used for household and pharmaceutical products and can feature liner options based on your sealing needs.

Example of a smooth child resistant cap.Example of a smooth child resistant cap.

Smooth Child Resistant Caps 

Smooth child resistant caps are great for those looking for a sleek design but also providing protection. These caps feature debossed “Push Down & Turn” instructions for a clean look. They are popular within the cannabis industry.

Example of a EZ child resistant cap.Example of a EZ child resistant cap.

EZ-Safe Child Resistant Caps 

The EZ-Safe child resistant caps are a step above the typical child resistant cap, providing a unique look that will impress customers. These caps feature rubbed sides that make opening and closing easier. The top of the caps have recessed text and opening instructions that allow you to keep products safe. These caps are compatible with a variety of bottles and liners based on your needs.

Example of a vented child resistant cap.Example of a vented child resistant cap.

Vented Child Resistant Caps

Vented child resistant caps are a standard cap option that is commonly used for sealing pharmaceutical products, household cleaning agents , and other products that require strong security. These caps have ribbed sides that help with opening and closing. The top is embroidered with “Push Down & Turn” instructions. 

Industries That Use Child Resistant Packaging

There are a variety of industries that require child resistant packaging. Are your products best suited in child resistant packaging?

Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical

Within the pharmaceutical industry, this type of packaging is required to be used for prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines, and other harmful substances. Other types of products that are required to have child resistant packaging are vitamins and dietary substances.

The PPPA requires products that contain higher levels of iron to have this closure in order to protect young children from getting it. Common plastic containers used with child resistant closures include packer bottles, modern round bottles, and boston round bottles. Child resistant caps are compatible with these bottles.

Packer Bottles

Packer bottles, or also known as pill, vitamin and prescription bottles, are used within the personal care industries. These containers feature wide mouth openings, making it an ideal container for filling and dispensing of products. These bottles are FDA compliant.

Packer bottle image.Packer bottle image.

Boston Round Bottles

Plastic boston round bottles feature a rounded shoulder and broad base, making it a versatile packaging solution within the personal care, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. These bottles are compatable with a variety of closures and are FDA compliant. 

Image of boston round bottle.Image of boston round bottle.

Modern Round Bottles

Modern round bottles have sloped shoulders, a ridge at the top and bottom of the label panel, and a rounded bottom. These are commonly used within the pharmcuetical industry for solvents and acids. These bottles come in a variety of colors.

Example of a modern round bottle.Example of a modern round bottle.


Packaging requirements for cannabis need to meet federal requirements. Choosing the best type of cannabis container for your products will protect the quality and those that can access it.

Concentrate Containers

Plastic vials come in a variety of colors that can be color coded based on your needs. Made from a sturdy construction, plastic vials have good chemical resistance and are very durable. Child resistant closures help keep the contents safe for only those intended to use it.

Concentrate container with child resistant cap. Concentrate container with child resistant cap.

Cannabis Flower Packaging

Cannabis flower containers have a wide mouth opening, making it easy to dispense products. These containers can provide an airtight seal to mask the scent of the product when paired with the correct lid. They can be used for edibles and items with high potency concentrates. 

Image of cannabis flower packaging.Image of cannabis flower packaging.

Plastic Vials

Plastic vials come in a variety of colors that can be color coded based on your needs. Made from a sturdy construction, plastic vials have good chemical resistance and are very durable. Child resistant closures help keep the contents safe for only those intended to use it.

Example of a plastic vial for pharma uses.Example of a plastic vial for pharma uses.

Barrier Bags

Providing the same protection as containers, barrier bags are an ideal choice for storing and transporting CBD items. These bags provide an airtight seal that keeps moisture and water out while containing the smell within it. These bags are FDA complaint.

Image of barrier bags for cannabis products.Image of barrier bags for cannabis products.


Exit packaging is child resistant and made from a food safe quad-layer plastic with a foil barrier. These protect the contents within it that helps you meet regulatory compliance. These bags can be used to store vitamins, edibles, and other pharmacuetical products.

Image of exit packaging for cannabis products. Image of exit packaging for cannabis products.

Household Cleaners

Household cleaners are toxic, and kids might not know what they are getting themselves into. Keeping these products sealed properly with child resistant caps will slow down kids from opening the product. 

F-Style Bottles

Plastic F-Style bottles are heavy-duty containers that feature a handle, making it easy to fill and dispense products. These bottles can be used with child resistant caps to secure contents. This packaging is often used for industrial sovlents such and cleaning and garden chemicals and automotive oils. Plastic F-Style bottles are typically made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which has good chemical resistance. 

Example f-style bottle that can be used with a child resistant cap.Example f-style bottle that can be used with a child resistant cap.

Plastic Industrial Round & Square Jugs

Plastic chemcial jugs, or also known as industrial round and square jugs, are ideal for carrying and dispensing of products. These containers are commonly used for cleaning liquids, gardening, and automotive chemicals. The bottles are usually made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) construction, which has strong chemical resistance. 

Example of a round jug that can be paired with child resistant cap.Example of a round jug that can be paired with child resistant cap.

Additional Safety Measures

Shrink bands are an additional way to seal products and provide a tamper evident seal for your customers. Using a heat gun, shrink bands can be applied to the neck of your container to provide an extra layer of protection. 


Finding the Perfect Child Resistant Packaging 

Child resistant packaging is designed to provide safety to children or elderly that should not have direct access to certain products. Store your pharmacuetical, household cleaners, or other products that require more protection in child resistant packaging. 

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