Christmas Craft Idea with Paint Cans

Christmas Pine Cones

Here's a cute idea that we came up with to decorate small spaces using containers that you can buy from The Cary Store. This is perfect for mantels, bookshelves and even floating shelves as they are very lightweight.

Christmas Pine Cone Star

Christmas Pine Cone Jar

Christmas Pine Cones with Bow

Here's what we used:

  1. Small paint cans like the 30WC9U(1/4 pint) and the 30WS2U (1/2 pint)
  2. Tall clear paint can like the 30WK7C
  3. Decorative pine cones
  4. Glitter paper for stars (cut into shapes) -or- star stickers like this.
  5. Ball ornaments
  6. Red bow

Some tips:

The height, shape and color variations give this a lot of visual interest. We suggest using different sized pine cones and ornaments to play with both height and weight. Using a color palette for ornaments keeps the look cohesive (we used dark brown, bronze, gold, red and silver). If you have used small paint cans at home, try wrapping the body with nice paper.