Clean Your Facility's Tile and Grout Surfaces with the Help of SaniGLAZE®

Clean Your Facility's Tile and Grout Surfaces with the Help of SaniGLAZE

Are you tired of your tile and grout surfaces never looking fully clean and trapping foul odors in your facility? SaniGLAZE® is here to help! Since the mid-1990s, SaniGLAZE® has been restoring and maintaining tile and grout surfaces. Expanding in 2000 as SaniGLAZE International®, they now have over 100 franchise units in the United States and parts of Canada. The SaniGLAZE® process features a unique restoration technology which eliminates the porosity of tile and grout surfaces, making the surfaces easier to clean. It involves a chemical extraction of contaminants, applying a non-porous coating to the grout lines, and then installing a protective shield over the entire surface.


SaniGLAZE international® started out as Royal Services, which was established in 1914 as a small window cleaning company in Jacksonville, Florida. Eventually, they developed into a full-service janitorial company with 1,200 employees and offices in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville. Despite this growth, Royal Services was challenged by repeated customer complaints about restrooms. They realized that the biggest contributor to these complaints was the porous nature of tile and grout flooring. The nature of this type of flooring causes spills and dirt from mop water to be trapped in over time, causing contaminants and odors to penetrate down into the grout. This leads to the entire surface looking poorly maintained and unsanitary. With these impurities penetrating the grout, normal maintenance practices are no longer effective.

SaniGLAZE’s executive teamSaniGLAZE's® executive team (from left to right): Joel Mitchell, Rich Stewart, Bill Proctor, Michele Yonash, and Percy Rosenbloom III

The solution to this problem was the SaniGLAZE® process and its unique restoration technology that eliminates the porosity of tile and grout surfaces. The process was offered to janitorial customers across Florida, which quickly resulted in improved customer satisfaction and retention. After this success, Royal Services decided to expand SaniGLAZE® outside of their janitorial contracting business, which resulted in SaniGLAZE International® being formed in January 2000 specifically for the SaniGLAZE® process. The plan identifies qualified building service contractors and convincing them to buy into the program in order to add the process to their services. Future plans for the company include a focus on continuing to develop new and exciting products and to advance technician skillsets through a continual flow of educational programs and webinars.

The Uniqueness of SaniGLAZE®

Joel Mitchell, executive vice president of SaniGLAZE International®, believes what makes them unique is that they have “maintained its position ahead of would-be competitors because of a connected combination of extremely specialized products, highly trained technicians, an on-going maintenance program, and the ability to control the system nationally. The ability to bundle these elements together as a nationally branded service offering has separated SaniGLAZE® from would be competitors. We develop and produce our own products. During the past few years, the service has expanded to changing the color of the tile and adding decorative color chips to the surface.”

How SaniGLAZE® Relies on The Cary Company

After the introduction of SaniGLAZE International® line of high-performance coatings in 2014, they faced a problem in trying to source packaging for these newer products. After a quick Google search, SaniGLAZE International® found a solution in The Cary Company. “We had a great match because we were able to get initial small runs of packaging labeled to match the demands for product launches as well as utilize the skills of Cary’s graphic design team for the new images that were needed for the new products. All this needed to be done within a short time frame and Cary delivered.” Says Mitchell.

The Cary Company’s paint cans and bottles before and after SaniGLAZE’s labelingThe Cary Company’s paint cans and bottles before and after SaniGLAZE’s® labeling

The Cary Company supplies SaniGLAZE International® with delivering packaging materials, package labeling, and package design for their coatings lines. They found all their packaging needs to be met with Cary's extensive line of packaging solutions, such as paint cans and bottles, which they use for their coating products. They also discovered that The Cary Company could supply them with design services that are necessary for their business. “Both our Cary sales consultant and Cary’s art director have invested considerable time to learn about our business and our culture. The personal relationships we have developed are critical to getting the attention to detail we require. By gaining an understanding of our business, Cary is able to provide packaging we need and create images for our product labels that deliver our message to our customers.” States Mitchell.

But the services didn’t just stop at packaging and labels. SaniGLAZE® wanted the entire package when it came to what The Cary Company’s design services can offer. “We were so pleased with the images that came out of the Cary Company for our product labels, that we approached the graphics department about designing our promotional materials, sales collateral, and much of our advertising graphics. This has worked extremely well for us and we plan to continue to utilize the full-service Cary approach to tell our story with graphic communication as we take SaniGLAZE® into the future.”

Market Availability

Think your facility needs some cleanup? SaniGLAZE® can clean any tile and grout surface, with a focus on large commercial customers such as hospitals, clinics, universities, government, and military facilities. SaniGLAZE® services are available exclusively from their network of franchised service providers. You can locate your local service providers through the SaniGLAZE® website.

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