CLR® Grease Magnet: An Effective Eco-Friendly Cleaner for Your Facility Needs

Safer Choice EPA Safe Products

Consumer Reports Magazine found that 46% of consumers would pay more for cleaning products if the products were safer for their health and the environment. Until recently, finding these safer products was not a simple matter. Now the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stepped in and created the Safer Choice Program, which certifies chemicals that undergo a stringent formula evaluation by EPA scientists. The Safer Choice Program screens for potential health and environmental risks in substances in the chemical formulation. CLR has achieved the Safer Choice certification and Jelmar which manufactures the CLR and Tarn-X brand has been chosen as a Safer Choice Partner of the Year by the EPA.

CLR Crease Magnet

For most commercial facilities, product performance ranks as a close second to safety and environmental standards. Every operation has difficult cleaning challenges, so it is critical to utilize cleaning chemicals that do the job the first time. Jelmar’s 1-2 punch of CLR & Grease Magnet have effective acidic and alkaline chemical formulations which address the different challenges that are presented to save companies time and money.

CLR is the standard in the industry for acidic cleaners. CLR is uniquely formulated to effectively clean and remove some of the hardest mineral deposits, scale build-up and corrosion, while being health safe and environmentally responsible. CLR is formulated for hundreds of cleaning applications such as HVAC coils, hydraulic drilling parts, metal filters, factory tanks and boilers, pipe flushes, rust removal, stainless steel cleaning, fiberglass cleaning, and bathroom cleaning. CLR is the all-in-one cleaner for many facility maintenance needs.

Grease Magnet is an alkaline, water based degreaser, which also has amazing versatility. This is a safe and effective heavy duty cleaner that can break down oil and water-based soils immediately. It is formulated with non-petroleum solvents that are non-toxic, biodegradable and non-corrosive. In fact, Grease Magnet has zero VOC emissions and meets the most stringent tests for VOC emissions including California’s 2013 CARB regulations. Grease Magnet is perfect for those heavy duty cleaning challenges like degreasing machinery, parts soaking, removing oil tar and carbon residue, concrete cleaning and industrial floor scrubbing.

Both of these products’ versatility streamline the chemical management system by eliminating redundancy and making it easier to train employees. CLR & Grease Magnet are readily available through The Cary Company in a variety of sizes including 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon, and spray bottle sizes. The Cary Company has the answers to all of your CLR Pro Industrial Product frequently asked questions!