Customer Spotlight: Chick Paint

Chick PaintHere at the Cary Company, we are professionals serving professionals. One of those professionals we work closely with is Barbara McMullin, who purchases our quart and half-pint paint cans and benefits from our labeling service for her company, Chick Paint.

McMullin founded Chick Paint five years ago and began her partnership with The Cary Company earlier this year. Chick Paint is a chalk-based paint that is primarily used for decorating furniture. Chick Paint is no ordinary paint. McMullin created the formula herself. Certain additives used in the paint make it quick-drying and easy to apply. The name is not misleading; the paint is primarily used by women, but men buy it as well. McMullin worked with her niece to create the label design that Kris Sanchez, our graphic designer, put together. She had nothing but nice things to say about their experience working together.

“Kris is a delight to work with. He’s very professional and always does a great job,” says McMullin.

In addition to creating the product and the label design, McMullin also hosts a monthly painting class. Customers can bring in their furniture and choose between two levels of classes. The first class covers the basics of painting, such as how to apply the paint and how to create different looks and styles. The second is more advanced, focusing more on graphic design and special techniques. More information about when classes are held can be found on the Chick Paint Facebook page.

There are currently 35 colors of paint being offered with many more still being tested and finalized. Besides paint, McMullin also sells her own line of paint brushes. Chick Paint is based out of Kansas City and has several distributors in different locations.

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