DIY Bath Scrub

6 Simple Ingredients for ultimate relaxation & tranquility!

We all go through it… the 8 hour work day that just gets your body exhausted. And when you get home, all you want to do is soak in a tub and RELAX! Well, I found a perfect solution here at The Cary Company. We sell this incredible container and lid (Part #67WPSH, Part #67W8WL) that can help you reach your ultimate level of relaxation. I took it upon myself to share with you my homemade bath scrub that seems to take away stress and immerses you into a heightened state of tranquility.

All you need to do is get the Cary 8 oz. plastic jar with lid and head to the store to get these 6 simple ingredients!

DIY Bath Scrub


Combine all ingredients and mix together with a spatula. Pour into the container and close the lid. Drop a ¼ cup into bath water or take a handful of the scrub and mix in a little water and scrub!

The combined health benefits of all the salts, sugars, and essential oils have unbelievable effects on the body so sit back and relax.

I have made these cute little salt scrubs as gifts. People love them! Just imagine them as a cute favor at a bridal shower, baby shower, or even a wedding! So stop what you’re doing, and get your plastic jar and cap today and start making your own piece of heaven.

Can’t wait and need it now?

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