What are Drum Liners?

Line Up Your Drum!

Whether you're working with a metal or plastic drums, it is important to make sure the contents inside stay contaminant-free and are ready for use at any time. In addition, liners can help avoid corrosion to the drum, enabling a longer container lifespan. For extra support in these areas and as a preference for your products, drum liners are available in different shapes, sizes and styles.

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What Is a Drum Liner?

Drum liners, commonly made of LDPE, HDPE or foil, can be used to secure products, increase the lifespan of a drum and keep products fresh. They are strong, flexible and resilient for various storage purposes. Drum liners are key in preventing products from becoming cross-contaminated. Additionally, disposing the product from inside the drum is made simple by easily removing the products from the drum without residue.

There are many industries that use drum liners, including paint, food and beverage, chemicals and more. With drum liners, spills and leaks are easily prevented while the products inside stay in place.

Drum Liner Styles

Depending on the size of the drum, liner sizes can range anywhere between 15 and 55 gallons. Additionally, there are different thickness options from 4 mil (Bag Liner) to 15 mil (Rigid Liner) to 30 mil (Heavy Duty Liner), depending on the product inside.

When it comes to drum liners, there are five main styles: Anti-Static, Flat Bottom, Pleated, Round Bottom and Straight Sided.

1. Anti-Static

Anti-Static drum liners are made with an antistatic additive to limit the effects of static charges. They are made with a distinct pink color to differentiate it from other drum liners. They are commonly used with paints, sealants, chemicals, powdered products, and adhesives to extend their shelf life.

Anti-Static Drum LinerAnti-Static Drum Liner

2. Flat Bottom

The Flat Bottom style is a one-piece seamless sleeve that has been bonded and pressed to fit any sized drum using heat. Flat bottom liners work well in cold environments and are designed to hold paints, inks, food, coatings and cosmetics. It comes in a natural or clear color.

Flat Bottom liners offer two style variations:

Flat Bottom Drum LinerFlat Bottom Drum Liner


This type of flat bottom drum liner includes a tie on top with the purpose of preventing leaks and having products accidentally mix.


Similar to the tie top model, this drum liner includes a fold-back at the top to wrap it around and secure it to the rim of the drum. It allows the liner to fit and move with ease.

3. Pleated (Accordion)

Rigid enough around the liner to look like an accordion, pleated drum liners easily fit inside of drums. Pleated liners have an accordion-like wall that allows it to accommodate variations in drum heights by lifting the liner up or folding it down. This liner acts as a temporary cover inside the drum that can be disposed of after use. Pleated liners are offered at 30 and 55 gallons.

Pleated (Accordion) Drum LinerPleated (Accordion) Drum Liner

4. Round Bottom

Round bottom liners help to decrease air pockets by molding to the shape of the drum's base. It is available in a natural or clear color.

Like Flat Bottom Drum Liners, Round Bottom liners also offer tie top and fold back styles.

Round Bottom Drum LinerRound Bottom Drum Liner

5. Straight Sided

Straight sided drum liners have a smooth wall and allow for a great fit inside a drum by conforming to its exact measurements. It has a molded top lid that makes it easy to insert and conform to the drum. Similar to the pleated option, there are no anti-static additives.

Straight Sided Drum LinerStraight Sided Drum Liner

What Drum Liner Do You Need?

Drum liners come in all shapes and sizes with the goal to keep the drum clean and intact. Whether it is a round bottom, straight sided or pleated, there’s a style that will fit your drum!

Check out our video that goes into more detail about the drum liner options.

Make sure that your products do not spill or get contaminated in your drum today!

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