Fluxwrap Cooling Jackets

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As the weather gets warmer, so will the things you need to keep cool. And while you can’t control the weather, you can definitely stay chilled by using Fluxwrap from North Slope Chillers.

Fluxwrap: What is it?

Fluxwrap is a versatile fluid temperature control solution in the form of a wrap-around chiller. It can chill materials in drums, totes, tanks and all manner of vessels, even when a heat exchanger is not currently present. The proprietary, multi-channel fluid path allows maximum flow of cooling liquid with minimal pressure. The wrap conforms to the container shape and maintains thermal contact over uneven surfaces, creating full-coverage cooling.

Fluxwrap works especially well for food processing, transportation, manufacturing, epoxies/resins, spray foam, motor, fermentation, welding, and biomedical industries with products ready to ship for a tank, bucket, drum, and tote cooling. Use Fluxwrap to draw heat away from the container and lower the temperature of the contents within, without any direct contact with your sensitive materials.

Fluxwrap Cooling JacketsFluxwrap Jackets can be used with a variety of different drums and IBC Totes

Never heard of Fluxwrap? Your competitors probably have. From small businesses to global corporations, Fluxwrap plays an essential role in the manufacturing process of temperature-sensitive material. Check out GE’s need for Fluxwrap at one of their Mexico facilities.

Fluxwrap Cooling Jackets Product Information

Do you have a need for cooling and heating? Simply change the temperature of the Fluxwrap fluid and you have an effective medium for heating. It’s a convenient and simple temperature solution that shows Fluxwrap is not afraid of double-duty. Whether you seek to heat or cool, Fluxwrap regulates the temperature of your containers and equipment and provides consistent temperature control.