Gaylord Boxes: History & Handling

Gaylord box banner.Gaylord box banner.

What is a Gaylord?

The most common boxes used for shipping or storing larger items can be used with gaylord boxes.  Gaylord boxes are made of durable corrugated material that allows you to ship in larger quantities. The most common are built with double-wall corrugated material that can withstand 1,000-5,000 pounds of weight depending on the thickness of the walls. They are often used with pallets for extra support during transportation.

 The History of the Gaylord Box

The word “gaylord” comes from the French word gaillard, which means high-spirited or joyful. The Gaylord Container Company was founded by Marvin Pomerantz and Warren Hayford in the 1980s when they merged their companies together.


Pomerantz and Hayford began buying paper and purchasing mills and plants, which eventually landed them in debt. They introduced a corrugated box to the market. The term “gaylord” took on its new meaning of being a larger shipping container to ship bulk materials. These containers can also be referred to as bulk boxes, bulk bins, or tote boxes.

Gaylord box with lid.Gaylord box with lid.

Different Sizes of Gaylord Boxes

Standard gaylord containers measure 36" L x 36" W x 36" H, 48” L x 40” W x 36” H, or 40” L x 40” W x 40” H. These dimensions match standard pallet sizes, adding extra protection to your items during the shipping process. This can help if items are heavier that need more support.

What Can a Gaylord Box Be Used For?

Gaylord storage containers offer assistance for transporting large items that take up a lot of space or cannot fit in a standard box. These boxes can be used to transport raw materials, household goods, food, plastic or metal scraps, or for charitable organizations.

Common Uses for Gaylord Boxes

Shipping & Warehouse

Using larger boxes in warehouses allows you to store products in larger amounts. Use these boxes in as organizational components to your warehouse. Explore the many types of boxes that can be used for various shipping or storage needs.

Bulk Material Handling & Shipping

Gaylord boxes were made for bulk storage and transportation, making it an ideal packaging solution for warehouses.

Moving & Relocation

These larger boxes can make moving and relocation easy with their large amount of space it offers to package goods. These make perfect transportation easier as you can move more within one box rather than smaller boxes.

5 Benefits of Gaylord Boxes

1. Versatility

Gaylord boxes are a popular choice within commercial and industrial settings. They allow items to be stored in bulk and are commonly used within warehouses, manufacturing plants, and logistics. Due to their size, gaylord boxes can be used for a wide variety of products and items.

2. Sturdiness

Made of durable corrugated material, gaylord boxes are sturdy for your transportation needs. They are designed to hold a lot of weight without breaking or being crushed. Corrugated material consists of cellulose fibers that are placed in layers that add different types of protection. 

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Given that gaylord boxes can be easily reused and recycled, gaylord containers can be used multiple times before being disposed of or recycled. These boxes help keep costs down by shipping in bulk. When it comes to selecting a box for shipping larger, heavier items, using a gaylord box can be your answer. Using a gaylord liner within your box can make it easy to reuse your boxes for other applications in the future.

Gaylord box with liner.Gaylord box with liner.

4. Recyclability

Corrugated material can be recycled, making gaylord boxes an environmentally-friendly packaging option. These gaylord storage containers can be reused for additional storage if not ready to fully recycle it.

5. Customization

Corrugated boxes can be customized with company information, logos, and shipping instructions. Just like a regular size box, gaylord boxes can be customized to meet specific company requirements. Need help designing a logo or customizing your box? Our Cary Design Team is here to help! 

Are You Ready to Ship With Gaylord Boxes?

Looking for the perfect boxes to ship your products? The Cary Company offers a wide variety of gaylord boxes to ship or store your product in bulk! Custom printing options available upon request! 

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