Stay Healthy and Active with Orange Abe Protein Shakes

Stay Healthy and Active with Orange Abe Protein Shakes

Rachel Water Skiing Rachel (middle) water skiing.

It’s not easy being an entrepreneur, much less a health driven business owner who spends countless hours perfecting a product and bringing it to market. Known for her adventurous ways, founder Rachel Prososki is a sports and food enthusiast with a background in food science and research and development. Rachel was driven to form ORANGE ABE (Lake Ada Brands, LLC) when she wanted to develop a protein shake that provided long-lasting endurance to help consumers in their challenges, adventures, and athletic performance. Rachel notes her shakes were created based on, “The motivation and passion for simple, wholesome, delicious, and nutritious foods.”

Inspiration Behind the Brand

Orange Abe Monkey

The brand ORANGE ABE was inspired by the orangutan, a species of strong apes who are considered to be one of the most intelligent mammals on Earth. Of course, the orangutans also happen to be consumers of large quantities of fruit! Rachel explains, "ORANGE ABE protein shakes are made with real fruit to provide a natural source of energy and antioxidants to help the brain stay healthy. Whey protein isolate is added to support muscle synthesis and to enhance mental toughness to stay ORANGE ABE strong!"


Orange Abe

ORANGE ABE is great for athletes and adventurists seeking sports recovery beverages and health-conscious adults who want a nutritious, flavorful drink. Rachel believes her product is unique since it is the first drink marketed as a frozen protein shake base made with real fruit. No sugar or preservatives have been added. (Each serving has 15 g of protein, 150-160 calories, and 0 g fat per 8 oz. serving prepared with fat-free milk per packaged directions.) It is also easy to prep, as it involves blending the base with the milk for 20 seconds before serving. Plus, the shake can be customized to anyone's preference with various add-ins. To ensure ORANGE ABE's frozen protein shake stayed fresh for consumers, Rachel decided to have them packaged in FDA approved 16 oz. white plastic safe lock tamper evident containers and lids, which she found at The Cary Company. She also worked with the company's creative design department to develop the product's labels. Label printing was available as well, making it convenient for Rachel to get her packaging needs all in one place.

Orange Abe Drink Selection

Market Availability

Orange Abe Fruit Drink Shake ready in 20 seconds! Perfect for busy athletes and health lovers who prioritize quality, taste, and time.

ORANGE ABE is currently available in Dean's Supermarket in Osseo, Minnesota and can be purchased at Test feedback from consumers has been positive, giving Rachel high hopes it will do well. Tasters comments range from compliments on how the texture of the protein shake is "smooth and creamy" to how they "All taste great and have a nice sweet, citrus balance." Rachel plans on growing her business locally first before expanding to national sales and distribution channels. She hopes ORANGE ABE shakes will result in a shareable positive experience for consumers. Ready to hit the gym or start a new adventure?

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