How to Measure Dip Tube Length

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The Perfect Cut

Dip tubes are ideal for bottles to reach the bottom of the containers. Most manufacturers produce dip tubes at a standard length, but what are the steps to shorten them to fix your bottle better? Sprayers and misters are used for household cleaning, health and beauty, janitorial, gardening, and more. 

Understanding Dip Tubes

Dip tubes allow you to pump products with a controlled amount. Commonly used for industrial products like cleaners, soaps, solvents, lawn and garden care, and hygiene products including make-up, hair care, and perfume. Measuring dip tube lengths for these products allows your customers to use all products within the bottles.

What Length Dip Tube Works Best For Your Product & Container?

When calculating the best dip tube length for your application, you should consider the diameter and material of the tube itself and the product you are dispensing. Thinner dip tubes that typically accompany sprayers should slightly bend toward the wall of your container to maximize product dispensing. If you are using a sprayer, add about one inch to the height of the bottle. This will give enough length to properly bend inside the container without inhibiting dispensing.

If you are using a pump to dispense thicker or high viscosity products like lotion or condiments, the rigid dip tube should sit directly in the product with a small space between the tube and the bottom of the container. The tube should not touch the bottom of the container, but it should also not sit too high as it will not be able to pump product at the bottom. Sprayer dip tubes typically should not hover above the bottom of the container as they are not made to dispense thicker products.

Types of sprayers.Types of sprayers.

When & Why to Measure Dip Tube Length

Tube cutting ensures that the dip tube does not sit flush to the bottom of the container, which causes blockage and prevents pumping. Tubes are cut at an angle so they do not sit flush against the container. 

Not having the correct size dip tube will result in a few issues. If it is too short in the bottle, it will not allow your customer to use all the products. If it is too long, it might not pump out of the bottle correctly, making customers dissatisfied with your product. Having the correct dip tube length will satisfy your customers needs. To cut a dip tube, it will require a cutting machine to prescisely have the best quality product for your customers. 

Step-by-Step Measurement Guide

In order to cut a dip tube length to the perfect size, follow these 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Locate the Top of the Gasket in the Sprayer 

The gasket is located underneath the sprayer when looking at it. This is where you will want to measure from. 

Determining where gasket is.Determining where gasket is.

Step 2: Measuring the Dip Tube Length 

Starting at the gasket, measure to the bottom of the tube. This gives the overall length of the dip tube. 

Measuring from top of the gasket.Measuring from top of the gasket.

Step 3: Measure Height of Your Container

Measure the height of your container to determine the length of your dip tube. Record the height of the bottle to the top rim. It is recommended to place a ruler inside the bottle if possible to get an accurate measurement. 

Measure bottle for the dip tube.Measure bottle for the dip tube.

Step 4: Determine How the Tube Sits in the Bottle

There are a few different ways a dip tube can lay within a bottle. The first option shows a slanted cut on the tube to allow for easily dispensing of product. The other option is bending the tube towards the outer wall of the container to be able to dispense all the product. It is not recommended to have the dip tube flush against the bottom of the bottle, as the product will have a harder time dispensing. 

Step 5: Test It Out 

Test out the sprayer and dip tube to make sure it dispenses products accurately. If not, trim until at desired length. 

Cutting the dip tube.Cutting the dip tube.

Best Cutting Practices

Having the perfect dip tube length will allow your products to dispense easily for your customers when being used. These steps are a great guide for how to measure and cut

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