How to Remove Labels from Wine Bottles

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How Will You Use Your Wine Bottle?

Are you trying to easily remove wine bottle labels? But it leaves a sticky residue left on the bottle? Wine bottle labels can be tricky to remove if not done properly. In order to not ruin the bottle, try these methods of removing labels. On the other hand, resealing a wine bottle properly allows you to enjoy wine after being opened.

Why Should You Remove Wine Labels? 

Removing wine bottle labels allows bottles to be reused. They can also be used for crafts or the glass can be used to make new glass bottles. Wine bottles can be used for making candles, lamps, flower vases, painted vases, holiday decor, lanters, and more!

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6 Methods of Removing Wine Labels Without Damaging Bottles

Product labels may want to be removed from containers for a variety of reasons. There are several ways to accomplish this task. Here are 6 methods to effectively remove a label from a wine bottle.

1. Hot Water Method 

Hot water is a great method for removing wine bottle labels. Simply emerge the item in a tub or sink of hot water. The hotter the water, the better. For stubborn labels, adding dish soap or laundry detergent into the water can help with the removal of the label. It is best to let the labels soak for at least an hour before trying to remove it. 

2. Baking Soda 

Adding 5-10 tablespoons of baking soda to water and letting the bottle soak can help with the removal of wine bottle labels. Once about 30 minutes has passed, wipe off the label. Any remaining pieces of the label can be scraped off with your fingernail or razor blade.

3. Hair Dryer

Use a hairdryer on high heat to loosen the labels on a wine bottle. Heat in 30-second intervals until the label can be removed. If this method is not working, use a wet sponge to remove leftover label pieces on the bottle. This tatic is great for glass containers only, as plastic bottles could melt during this process.

4. Steam

The best method for using steam to remove a wine bottle label is boiling water within a kettle. Steam can be an effective method for removing labels without causing damage. The steam will assist with loosening the label. Check the bottle label every so often to see how it's detaching.

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5. Vinegar Solution Method 

Grab a large container that is big enough to hold your bottle. Cover with white vinegar until the label emerges. Let soak for 15 minutes. If your bottle has a tough label, try the hot water or baking soda method to remove the label. 

6. Scraping and Rubbing Method

Soak your label in one of the methods listed above. To remove wine bottle labels once soaking is complete, use a razor blade to scrape off the label and glue. 

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