No Jar Can Hold a Candle to the Straight Sided Plastic Jar

Who knew that straight-sided plastic jars can be so versatile?

These resourceful containers can be found in a variety of industries such as personal care, cosmetics, beauty, pharmaceuticals, and food, or even in arts and crafts projects (see below). Our straight sided plastic jars are typically made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), PP (polypropylene), or PS (polystyrene). Sizes range from 1/4 oz to 32 oz and colors include clear, natural, white, and black. The straight sides and wide mouth of this jar provide for easy filling and dispensing.

PET Straight Sided JarPET is typically clear in color. It is most commonly used in the food and beverage industries and can be found as water bottles, peanut butter jars, or oil bottles. PET is also prevalent in the beauty and personal care industry, found in the forms of liquid soap or lotion bottles. PET straight sided plastic jars are rigid, have a high impact resistance level, and are practically shatter-proof.

Polypropylene Straight Sided JarPP comes in white, natural or black. Food containers are often made of PP. Because it is highly durable and provides a good barrier against moisture, PP is a popular material when it comes to product packaging. PP straight sided plastic jars in particular are rigid and have fairly good impact resistance, and are especially good for hot fill applications.

PS Straight Sided JarPS is also clear in color and is brittle in feel and sound. It has limited flexibility and low impact resistance but is great for hot applications. PS is typically found in plastic cutlery, disposable plastic cups, food trays, etc. PS straight sided plastic jars are rigid and lightweight, making it a great alternative to glass for packaging dry, solid products such as arts and craft supplies, dry pet food, pharmaceuticals (pills), and more.

For the more creative type, straight sided plastic jars can also be used for more than just product packaging. These adaptable containers can also be used for organization or crafts for the home, for the office, for weddings, celebrations, and much more. For instance, check out our Valentine’s Day DIY decor with different straight sided plastic jars below!


Products used:

  • 67W01C - 1 oz 43mm Clear Straight Sided PS Jar
  • 68WP42 - 4 oz 70mm Clear Wide Mouth PET Jar
  • 67WP12 - 12 oz 89mm Clear Straight Sided PS Jar
  • Tissue paper (red and white)
  • Paper doilies (can be found at art supplies or baking supplies stores)
  • Decorative ribbons
  • Tealight candles (electric)
  • *Electric candles only; open flames may prove hazardous around paper and plastic materials.

These cute, romantic jars are made by lining the inside of the container with tissue paper or paper doilies. Paper doilies allow for a speckled light pattern while tissue paper provides a soft glow. Each tea light candle is also wrapped in red or white tissue paper for a better dispersion of light and the rim of each container is decorated with a ribbon. Line these cute candle jars around the room for a nice, romantic environment.

Other Valentine’s Day DIY with straight sided plastic jars can include simple candy gift packages, homemade bath beads and salts, cookie valentines, love notes and letters, and more. The possibilities are endless with this jar!

Happy Valentines Day