North Slope Chillers: What is it?

North Slope Chillers: What is it?

North Slope Chillers

Control. It’s what we all want over our lives: Control over food menus, what vehicle we drive, how our bodies look. It’s also what we want over the temperatures of our stuff. We want things kept cool, chilled and frozen. And that’s why North Slope Chillers was created. North Slope Chillers is an industrial chiller manufacturer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. They produce chilling units and cooling wraps designed specifically to reduce the temperature of materials, no matter what the application. Whether you work with food, newsprint, welding, plastics or lasers, North Slope Chillers has a presence in nearly every industry.

Freeze Industrial Portable Chiller

Freeze Industrial Portable Chiller The Freeze Industrial Chiller

The poster child product of North Slope Chillers is the Freeze Industrial Portable Chiller. It is capable of moving liquids at temperatures ranging from 35°F - 100°F at 12,000 BTU/hr. Equipped with a hermetically sealed compressor, a non-ferrous piping system, and a submersed copper coil evaporator, Freeze will provide powerful chilling for a very long time. Boasting a ⅓ horsepower pump that will supply 4.5 gallons per minute at up to 50 psi, this industrial cooling equipment provides enough flow to cool multiple containers at one time. North Slope Chillers offering starts with an efficient ¼ ton chiller and from there goes up with various sizes up to a massive 10 ton chiller.


The Fluxwrap attached to an Industrial Freeze Chiller The Flux Wrap attached to an Industrial Freeze Chiller

The other key product in North Slope Chillers’ lineup is Fluxwrap, a cooling wrap which allows for chilling your valuables in drums, totes, tanks and more even without a heat exchanger. The company’s website says “the proprietary, multi-channel fluid path allows maximum flow of the cooling liquid with minimal pressure. The wrap conforms to the container shape and maintains thermal contact over uneven surfaces--creating full coverage cooling.” Standard sizes of Fluxwraps are readily available with quick design and build capabilities of custom sizes for any application.

Using Fluxwrap with North Slope Chillers

Not sure what size of cooling product you’ll need? No worries! Visit our website or call our highly seasoned solution providers at 630-629-6600 to determine what North Slope Chilling products best suit your application and temperature control needs. Allow North Slope Chillers to do the cold work so you can save money, maintain product and have peace of mind.