Mason Jar Organization & Decorations

Mason jars are becoming very popular and can be used in many different unique ways. In our previous articles we have showed you our favorite Mason Jar Recipes with drinks, meals and desserts! During our research we realized that using them for meals was a convenient and great idea but you can also use them for organization and decoration! Whether it is food in your pantry, or school supplies for your kids, Mason Jars are a cute and unique way to get rid of clutter! Most importantly they can give your home the extra chic boost you’ve been looking for.

DIY Mason Jar Holder: Bathroom

We absolutely loved this first Mason jar project because it is both fashionable and useful. All you need to do is mount three to four mason jars on a piece of wood and you have organization jars for any of your bathroom toiletries! Whether it be your toothbrushes, makeup, or q-tips, you'll never have to reach under the cabinet again! View Directions.

Pantry Organization

There are many times that ingredients and items in your pantry can get lost in oblivion. Using Mason Jars instead of your products original packaging not only optimizes space but makes it very easy to find what you are searching for. Once you try this life hack you will never want to go back to a cluttered kitchen! View Directions.

Mason Jar Herb Garden

Buying herbs at the grocery store can become quite expensive and sometimes very tedious. To solve this problem you can take some Mason Jars and grow your own! They make for great decoration and anytime you need some thyme or mint, you can just pick some off your plant! View Directions.

Shelving Storage

This next organization craft is a perfect fix if you do not have a lot of storage space in your home. All you need to do is take a shelf, drill your Mason Jar lids onto the bottom, and screw your jars into them! This will open up your counters and give your home a cleaner feel. View Directions.

Mason Jar Lanterns

If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to spruce up your patio or living room, these hanging Mason Jar Candles are just for you! They are super easy to assemble and will give your space a romantic elegant feel. View Directions.

Craft Supplies Organizer

If you are into crafts then you know the worst part is the mess they always make. Mason Jars are the perfect solution to simply contain this mess and organize your projects. This DIY Mason Jar is specifically a great way to organize and handle any type of yarn, string, or twine. View Directions.

DIY Tissue Holder

Everyone needs tissues all around their house but they don’t always match the style of the room. They can even sometimes look gaudy and misplaced. By taking the tissues out of its original packaging and making your own tissue holder with Mason Jars you can customize the style however you like!

DIY Soap Dispenser

As you can see using Mason Jars in your kitchen can prove to be very beneficial. Here is one more way to utilize these jars by throwing away your plastic soap dispensers and using a Mason jar instead! This will give your kitchen a cleaner vintage style. View Directions.

We hope you enjoyed these DIY Projects as much as we did!