Real People, Real Stories: Mission Mayhem Wildlife Rehabilitation

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Helping Animals Back to Health

Mission Mayhem Wildlife Rehabilitation is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization devoted to helping wildlife animals that have been injured or orphaned. Located in New York State, the rehab facility is home to racoons, foxes and opossums that may return to the wild after being treated or need a home for the rest of their lives.

The organization was created by founder, executive director and 20-year zookeeper Kate Hannon. She was driving home one day in the pouring rain and found a wet and tick-covered racoon. Wanting to help out, Hannon took the raccoon home and began to take care of it. The rest is history.

Mission Mayhem’s goal is to rescue and rehabilitate wild orphaned animals and release them back into the wild while educating people on how to safely coexist with them. Hannon works hard with the passionate volunteers who all share a love for animals.

Mission Mayhem Wildlife Rehabilitation LogoMission Mayhem Wildlife Rehabilitation Logo

Sealing the Food

When it comes to animals, it is important to make sure that they are fed and receive a healthy diet. It is also important when feeding animals to “share the wealth” of food to ensure that every animal gets a fair and reasonable amount of food. For everyone to get a fair amount, the food needs to be fresh yet protected. For Mission Mayhem, that is where The Cary Company comes in.

Mission Mayhem had the containers to create their own feeders but lacked quality airtight lids to prevent other animals from opening the container to eat more than their share. Mission Mayhem decided to explore The Cary Company’s collection of Gamma Seal Lids, which work well to keep a tight seal on the feeders. They also come in a wide variety of colors, which Hannon appreciates to continue their colorful facility.

"We discovered gamma seal lids. We can use it on any bucket," Kate Hannon said, happy with the purchase. "[I] didn’t know how they would work outdoors, so we kind of just took a stab at it and it worked really great."

Gamma Seal LidsGamma Seal Lids

She was thrilled they are easy to use and had not experienced any racoons breaking into the containers. "To The Cary Company, I just want to say thank you for your innovation and being able to get all of the pieces. [This allows us] to get the components to build it ourselves, [which] was a great experience," the Mission Mayhem executive director said.

Learn More About Mission Mayhem

If you are interested in learning more about Mission Mayhem Wildlife Rehabilitation and want to donate to help their mission, be sure to visit their website.

The Cary Company would like to thank Mission Mayhem for their time and continued efforts to help wildlife animals, allowing us to help along the way.