Spherical Fillers Prove Supreme

Fillers are an important component of paint and coatings, and need to be carefully considered. The filler can play a role in viscosity, settling, opacity, gloss, hardness, color, and chemical and abrasion durability. There is a give and take balance with all these characteristics and the cost of potential fillers.

Spherical fillers are increasingly becoming the preferred choice of the paint and coatings industry. This change is a proven decision that provides many advantages for new formulations. Controlled viscosity, reduced binder demand, and increased scrub and chemical resistance are three of the characteristics that have encouraged the trend towards the ceramic microspheres. The viscosity plays an important role in the flow and pumping qualities of a coating. Lesser binder demand equates to savings that mean more economical formulations. The enhanced scrub and chemical resistance properties create a more dependable product, and customers will appreciate the longevity.

The Cary Company offers both hollow and solid sphere options as fillers in the following products: plastics, rubbers, resins, cements, paints, and coatings. The Cary Company technical department is ready and willing to help with the transition to this new, beneficial filler.

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Spherical Fillers Prove Supremacy