Standard Pallet Size: Dimensions & Weight

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Pallets are important for transporting products from point A to point B. After gathering all the products and putting them on a pallet, it is critical to ensure the pallet is secure and protected for product safety. By ensuring the products fit onto the pallet, risks from potential damage or products falling off during transportation are limited. With products in different sizes, it is important to identify which pallet sizes are needed for a comfortable yet secure fit.

It is imperative for future orders and product transportation to know what the standard pallet sizes are.

What Is a Standard Pallet Size?

A standard wood pallet size is 48" L x 40" W x 6" H. It has become a popular choice across various industries due to its versatility and ability to hold more products than most pallets.

These pallets are also known as GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) or CBA (Consumer Brand Association) pallets, as they are commonly used in grocery stores.

Drums On A PalletDrums On A Pallet

How Much Does a Standard Pallet Weigh?

The exact weight of a pallet can change slightly depending on the manufacturer. We offer wood pallets in the standard size at weights between 32 and 44 pounds. Alternatively, for plastic pallets, weights can vary between 13 and 32 pounds.

Pallets can hold a wide variety of products based on their dimensions and the material they are made of. Our wood pallets can hold between 1,000 and 5,000 pounds (based on the dimensions). As an alternative, our standard plastic pallets can hold between 7,100 and 8,800 pounds.

When looking at our standard pallets (48" x 40"), wood pallets have a load capacity of 2,500 pounds and plastic pallets have a load capacity ranging from 3,500 and 17,600 pounds.

How Many Standard Pallets Fit on a Shipping Container?

If standard pallets of products are loaded onto a shipping container, 10 pallets can fit on a 20-foot container. If companies are working with more pallets, 20 or 21 pallets would fit on a 40-foot container.

What Are the Different Pallet Types & Their Sizes?

Pallets, regardless of material, can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Companies can use a classic wood pallet or a plastic pallet. The plastic pallets are broken down based on product needs, from industrial and economy to heavy-duty and rackable.

Sizes can vary based on how many items companies want to move, with pallet lengths ranging from 24 inches to 48 inches.

Wood Pallets

One well-known option is wood pallets. They are a popular choice for their durability and toughness in various weather and transportation conditions. This style of pallets is known as a great economical alternative to storing and shipping products since they can be reused and stacked to save space.

Wood pallets are available in three conditions: new, recycled and heat treated. Recycled wood is known for its sustainability and affordability. On the other hand, wood pallets that are heat treated have been sterilized to prevent pests and insects from damaging the wood.

Wood PalletsWood Pallets
SKU Material Size Load Capacity
81BZE9 Wood 24" x 24" 1,000 lbs.
81BZE4 Wood 30" x 30" 1,200 lbs.


Wood 36" x 36" 1,500 lbs.
81BYW7 Wood 40" x 40" 2,500 lbs.
81BZB2 Wood 47" x 32" 5,000 lbs.
30WRWP Wood 48" x 36" 1,500 lbs.


Wood 48" x 40" 2,500 lbs.
81BRWP Wood 48" x 42" 2,000 lbs.
30W45P Wood 48" x 45" Great for Small Loads
30W48P Wood 48" x 48" 3,000 lbs.


Plastic Pallets

A great alternative to wood pallets is plastic pallets. There are distinct plastic pallet options available for in-demand products and industry needs.

Plastic pallets are bacteria resistant, durable, cost-effective and easier to handle in transportation due to their lighter weight.

Industrial Plastic Pallets

Industrial plastic pallets are resistant to acids, fats, solvents and odors. They are a great choice for medium duty industrial loads and require less floor space. Industrial pallets work well with forklift and pallet jacks, designed with easy access on all four sides.

SKU Material Sizes Load Capacity



48" x 32"

7,100 lbs.



48" x 40"

8,800 lbs.
Industrial Plastic PalletsIndustrial Plastic Pallets

Economy Plastic Pallets

Economy plastic pallets are cost-efficient for standard air cargo, export and one-way shipping needs. They are a popular choice as a pallet due to their insect, bacteria and fungi resistant material.

SKU Material Sizes Load Capacity



48" x 40"

3,500 lbs.
Economy Plastic PalletsEconomy Plastic Pallets

Heavy-Duty Plastic Pallets

For companies that need a stronger pallet, heavy-duty plastic pallets work to provide block stacking for products. This allows pallets to be safely and securely stacked on top of one another before being transported. Our heavy-duty plastic pallet can hold up to 17,600 lbs.

SKU Material Sizes Load Capacity



48" x 40"

17,600 lbs.
Heavy-Duty Plastic PalletsHeavy-Duty Plastic Pallets

Rackable Plastic Pallets

Rackable plastic pallets work to provide stacking support. They have locking rings that can be used to stack empty pallets. Rackable plastic pallets are easy to handle and prevent liquids, dust or other debris from forming.

SKU Material Sizes Load Capacity



48" x 45"

14,100 lbs.
Rackable Plastic PalletsRackable Plastic Pallets

How to Secure Products on Pallets

There are accessories available that workers can use to secure products onto pallets.

Stretch wrap is a cost-effective method to use on uniform or irregular pallet sizes. It can be secured onto pallets by hand or by machine, depending on pallet size and how much time is available. There are two main types: cast stretch and blown stretch.

For a reusable wrapping option that is easier to install, mesh pallet wraps put less stress on employees in comparison to manual wrapping.

Once the products are secured onto the pallet, a pallet jack makes the transportation process easier and keeps everyone safe loading pallets onto trucks.

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Whether you are looking for a wood or plastic pallet, The Cary Company has the durable and reliable pallet options you need to secure products and get them to your customers.

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