Sweeten Up to Lockhart Honey Farms

Sweeten Up to Lockhart Honey Farms

What do bees and a lawyer have in common? Much more than you may think! In 2013, Laura Brodie was a budding second year law student living in Denver, Colorado who was dating Leo Lockhart, a beekeeper living in Las Animas, Colorado. Separated by a three hour drive, the couple made the most of their time by driving to see each other over the weekend. Their dedication to the relationship resulted in their happy union in 2016 and the beginning of Lockhart Honey Farms.

Leo and Laura Lockhart

“Sweetened by Love”

From the onset, Laura and Leo knew they were destined to be with each other. Not only was their love for one another strong, they eventually ended up sharing the same dream as well. As Laura explained, “Leo had always wanted to branch out and start selling his honey in stores, but being a full-time beekeeper, he didn’t have much time to dedicate to making that happen.” It was then that Laura decided to help Leo with the branding and sales aspect of his honey. Laura beamed, “It’s been great working together, as we both learn so much from each other. He teaches me something new each day about beekeeping and I tell him how to get barcodes and sales tax licenses.”

Time to Set Up Shop

Like most small businesses these days, Laura set off to look for a company that would be able to design labels and sell packaging materials through a simple Google search. It was there she came upon The Cary Company. Laura explains, “We knew we wanted a company where we could get everything we need – jars, lids, and labels all in one place.”

The Lockhart’s decided to use glass jars to bottle their honey and work with The Cary Company’s Creative department to design the label.


Lockhart Honey Farms is simply a homage to Leo’s last name and representative of their family business. Their brand’s logo features an image of mountains which showcases their love of Colorado’s mountains and the many hiking trips they have gone on together. The couple chose to label the honey jars with the line “Sweetened by Love,” as it was their love for one another that inspired the creation of the product.

Why Lockhart Honey Farms?

It’s not too often that you actually know the person behind the making of your honey or quite literally, the person who is actually in the bee yard producing the product you are eating. With Lockhart Honey Farms, your answer is simply Leo Lockhart and of course, his bees.

Leo out in the fields with the bees

Laura attests to this, remarking that, “We think our honey is unique because we know exactly where that honey comes from. It’s absolutely 100% Colorado honey - never imported or mixed with other honey. It is truly in its pure, unfiltered form. For honey lovers, it is also definitely interesting and fun to try honey produced in different areas to see the differing flavors!”

Plus, as Laura would like to add, “It’s not every day that an attorney and a beekeeper fall in love and start selling their own honey! Sometimes the world needs to see the true story behind the product. Our love story makes this honey special to us.”

As of now, Lockhart Honey Farms is currently not sold online but the Lockhart’s will be selling the product to local stores. Check out their website for updates on when you can get a hold of this honey. In terms of the future, the Lockhart’s dream of opening their own retail shop. They hope to eventually host events there and teach classes on the profession of beekeeping.

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