Tamper-Proof vs Tamper-Evident Packaging

Tamper Evident ContainersTamper Evident Containers

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Products that require a special seal, or tamper-evident packaging, are meant to keep items out of the hands of those who shouldn't have access to it. This added security protects and keeps items fresh for the intended customer. 

Why Was Tamper Evident Packaging Created? 

In Chicago of 1982, the rise of better security for products was increased. Unbeknownst to customers, Tylenol was intentionally laced with deadly cyanide capsules. These bottles were placed in multiple locations throughout the city. 

People were being poisoned and hospitalized, leaving authority officials to nail down the common denominator. Every bottle of Tylonol was recalled, costing Johnson & Johnson $100 million dollars. Companies were then required to have better safety measures, which created the start of tamper-evident packaging. 

Labeled containers.Labeled containers.

Tamper-Proof vs Tamper-Evident Packaging

Tamper evident packaging provides an airtight seal that ensures customers no one has touched the product. Packaging that falls under tamper-evident consist of food containers, caps and closures, and shrink bands. This packaging is commonly used within the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and personal care. 

Tamper-proof would mean it cannot be tampered or messed with at all. Tamper-evident is the correct term to use because we know it will eventually get opened by someone.

How to Make Your Product Tamper Evident

So how does tamper-evident packaging work? Designed to protect products, tamper-evident packaging comes in a few forms. 

Caps & Closures 

Child resistant caps protect children from easily accessing harmful products. They are commonly used for storing pharmaceutical products, household cleaning agents, drinks, and more.

Black child resistant cap. Black child resistant cap.

Shrink Bands 

Applying shrink bands to bottles and jars ensures to your customers that it has not been touched by someone else. Add shrink bands for a secure closure in addition to child resistant caps and closures for added security.

Shrink bands on bottle.Shrink bands on bottle.


Labels can be used as a tamper-evident seal to show signs of someone else trying to open a product. These labels often make it impossible to remove or will show clear damage to the item it was tampered with. 


3 Benefits of Using Tamper-Evident Packaging

The benefits of using tamper-evident packaging allows products to be safely stored and out of reach from young kids. 

1. Product Safety 

Keeping products that are harmful to young kids is very important. Child resistant caps offer this protection to medicines and harmful substances. Common bottles used are boston rounds, packer bottles, and modern rounds.

2. Protection from Tampering

Tamper-evident packaging protects products from contamination and being tampered with. Customers should receive items in the best shape that has not been touched. Using tamper-indiciating packaging ensures it is safe for customers to use.

3. Brand Reputation 

Today, medicines and harmful substances are required to be in tamper resistant packaging. Companies having this security and following safety measures shows they care about their customers. 

Types of Tamper Evident Packaging 

  • Barrier bags
  • Exit packaging 
  • Caps and closures 
  • Tamper evident containers
Pill packer bottle.Pill packer bottle.

Shrink bands on bottles.Shrink bands on bottles.

Choosing the Right Type of Packaging for Your Product

Choosing packaging for your products is the most important factor to look at. Consider the safety of your consumers and if tamper-evident packaging is right for you. It's crucial to meet regulatory guidelines for certain products that need added protection. Whether that's caps and closures, shrink bands, labels, or a combination, tamper indicating packaging protects and communicates that message to your customers. 

Seal the Deal

Store your pharmaceutical, household cleaners, automobile materials, and more in tamper-evident packaging. It will store and protect your products until ready to be used and keep it safe for only that it's intended to be used for.

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