The Cary Company and the Three Honey Bear Bottles

The Cary Company proudly presents a new line of honey bottles: the plastic honey bear bottles. These bottles are great for packaging liquids and syrups of any viscosity in addition to honey. Labeling is also made easy with these bottles that feature flat panels on the front and back of the bottle. Dispensing snap top caps that feature a small orifice for mess-free, controlled dispensing are available for the honey bear bottles.

This classic bottle is available in either clear PET plastic or natural LDPE plastic. PET (polyethylene terephthalate) has a high impact resistance level and is recognized around the world as a safe, single-use packaging option because it is 100% recyclable. It is the preferred plastic of many food and beverage packaging companies because it is also lightweight and easily resealable.

On the other hand, LDPE (or low density polyethylene) is also fairly durable against scratches and impact, but it is more opaque than PET. Whereas PET features clear, high product visibility, LDPE has a hazy transparent color. It is more flexible and tougher than PET in general. LDPE bottles are also 100% recyclable.

Our honey bear bottles come in varying sizes. If the 5 oz. honey bear is too small, and the 16 oz. honey bear is too big, perhaps the 8 oz. honey bear will be just right! These fun and cute containers are designed to put a smile on your face and add some sweetness in your day.

To order any of these containers, contact us at (630) 629-6600 or visit The Cary Company to place an online order today!

Alternatives to the honey bear bottle include Skep honey bottles and Queen Line honey bottles. Caps and closures are sold separately.

Honey Bear Bottles