Shrink Band Styles

The Cary Company carries a vast selection of tamper evident shrink bands and products in various sizes, colors and styles. Styles include Neck Bands, Roll Stock, Preforms, Combo Bands, and Shrink Sleeves. The high quality shrink film consists of PVC material, great for creating a tamper proof seal.

Read to learn more about the different types of shrink bands, what makes each stand out and how to apply them to your packaging.

Why Are Shrink Bands Used?

Shrink bands are highly effective in guarding against environmental damage. It protects against dirt and humidity; your merchandise will be safe from the elements. Shrink wrap can also prolong the life of products that would otherwise spoil quickly such as perishable foods. 

Shrink Band Styles

Heat Shrink Neck Bands (Cut Bands)

Shrink Bands can be applied by hand around the cap, neck, or cover of a container. A snug fit is achieved by applying heat with a heat gun or heat tunnel.

Shrink bands are ideal and cost-effective when tamper evident protection is needed for your products. Our seamless neck bands are clear, color, or custom printed on clear and colored PVC film. Heat shrink cut bands are used for sauces, dressings, condiments, drum sticks, ball bats, prescription drugs, home and garden, and many others.

Heat Shrink Neck Band Options

  • Pull Tabs
  • Perforations
    • Horizontal Perforated
    • Vertical Perforated
    • Single Perforated
    • Double Perforated
  • Clear
  • Color
  • Standard Print "Sealed for your Protection"
Heat Shrink Neck Band on a Marinade BottleHeat Shrink Neck Band on a Marinade Bottle

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (lay flat):
Clear Bands are available from 25 mm to 560 mm in size.
Color Bands are available from 35 mm to 151 mm in size.

Clear - 0.50 micron
Color - 0.50 to 0.70 micron

Moderate - 10% to 45%
High - 10% to 63%

Heat Shrink Neck Band on a Bottle Before ShrinkingHeat Shrink Neck Band on a Bottle Before Shrinking

Neck Band Examples

Popular Neck Band Examples on Bottles and JarsPopular Neck Band Examples on Bottles and Jars

Shrink Roll Stock

Shrink roll stock tubing is shrink material provided on a whole roll for use with an automated machine. Our roll stock shrink film meets tolerances and performance standards required on high speed automated labeling equipment. Inventoried in clear, generic printed and a rainbow of standard colors.

Custom graphics, special colors, and vertical perforations are also available. We can specially formulate film to meet the precise requirements of your machinery. Custom, individualized inventory programs with just-in-time delivery can be developed to meet your particular scheduling needs.

Shrink Roll Stock Color OptionsShrink Roll Stock Color Options

Shrink Wrap Preforms

Preforms are shrink bands formed to a certain size with a built in lip and skirt. They are applied by placing the preform over the container edges and applying heat until they are snug. Shrink wrap preforms secure caps to bottles and lids to containers. They are economical and require no technical ability to use. Customized to fit any size and perfect for hard to seal containers.

Technical Specifications

Flat Width:
Available from 35 mm to 650 mm in size

0.04 mm to 0.08 mm

Moderate - 5% to 13%

Both clear and colored preforms are available (Max 4 colors/side).

Shrink Wrap Preforms for Fruit and Vegetable ContainersShrink Wrap Preforms for Fruit and Vegetable Containers

Shrink Wrap Combo Bands

Shrink Wrap Combo Bands (multi pack bands) provide a way to put two or more items together in one package. It is a great way to help move additional products.

PVC heat shrink combo bands are made using clear or color material with the option of custom printing. They can be ordered in a wide range of sizes. Products are held together on the shelf with the multi pack bands. They remain on the product until removed by the consumer after purchase.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (lay flat):
Clear Bands are available from 25 mm to 560 mm in size.
Color Bands are available from 35 mm to 151 mm in size.

Clear - 0.50 micron
Color - 0.50 to 0.70 micron

Moderate - 10% to 45%
High - 10% to 63%

Shrink Wrap Combo Band for Multiple Square BottlesShrink Wrap Combo Band for Multiple Square Bottles

Custom Printed Shrink Sleeves

PVC Heat Shrink Sleeves are made to cover a product either in part or in full. They are reverse printed and seamed using clear or color, PVC or PET-G materials. With flexographic and digital printing presses, our sleeve capabilities include up to 9 colors.

Our colorful shrink film labels are eye catching and provide product enhancement. They can be made to the contour of any size container. Their features include: scuff resistant, quality graphics, no label look, and tamper evident packaging.

Options include: Perforations (Horizontal, Vertical, T-perfs), Cut or on rolls, Clear, Color, Matte Finish, Heat Activated Adhesive.

*Minimum order for custom shrink bands is normally 10,000 - 20,000 pieces.

Custom Printed Shrink Sleeve for JarsCustom Printed Shrink Sleeve for Jars

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (lay flat):
Available from 20 mm to 250 mm in size.

0.40, 0.50, & 0.70 micron

PVC - Moderate: 10% to 45%
PVC - High: 10% to 63%
PETG - 10% to 74%

Custom Printed Shrink Sleeve on Bottle Before ShrinkingCustom Printed Shrink Sleeve on Bottle Before Shrinking

How Do I Match a Shrink Band with a Cap?

Shrink Wrap Dimensions Visual to Fit on CapsShrink Wrap Dimensions Visual to Fit on Caps
Each shrink band has a series of three numbers that will assist in choosing the right one for your containers. Let’s take a shrink band wrap that is 28mm 50 x 25.
    • The first number represents the diameter of the shrink band. The number must match the diameter of the cap.
    • The second number represents the wrap round size of the exterior of the cap. The length of the shrink wrap should exceed the diameter of the bottle slightly to completely protect the product.
    • Finally, the third number represents the height of the shrink band. This number should be slightly taller to catch the top of the bottle.

How Do I Apply a Shrink Band?

While it may seem like using any device that expels heat is a great option to use to seal shrink bands, it is highly recommended to use a heat gun. A household hair dryer may work when applying a shrink band, but a heat gun will guarantee a secure seal. Heat guns are an efficient method for fast and consistent production runs.

What Products Use Shrink Bands?

Shrink Bands are used across a wide variety of industries to protect the products they are used with. Below are some common examples and applications for popular industries.

Sauce Bottles

Shrink Bands are commonly used in the food and beverage industries. They are wrapped around sauce and dressing bottles to help keep the contents fresh.

Shrink Band for Sauce BottlesShrink Band for Sauce Bottles

Cosmetics & Personal Care Droppers

Shrink Bands are popular for droppers caps and bottles. They are popular in the personal care industry to hold a wide variety of essential oils, skincare products and more.

Shrink Band for Dropper CapsShrink Band for Dropper Caps


Some shrink bands can be designed to fit across canisters. These canisters are popular for dry and powdered materials across the chemical, beverage, food and healthcare industries.

Canister Shrink BandCanister Shrink Band

Spice Jars

Finally, there are shrink bands available that fit around spice jar caps. They are able to help keep the ingredients inside fresh and ensure little to do damage to the bottle.

Shrink Band for Spice JarsShrink Band for Spice Jars

Unlimited Selection

If you are unsure where to start or the sizes you need, our shrink product specialists are ready to assist you. Reach out to us by calling (630) 629-6600.

Depending on what type of product you are looking for, The Cary Company can create custom sizes and colors for your shrink wraps or heat shrink band within a couple of weeks. View our selection of Tamper Evident Shrink Bands for protection to your products.