Rain barrels are containers that collect and store rainwater draining from your roof. They have many economical and sustainable advantages. Many communities force "odd-even" or "no watering" bans to conserve water resources, which makes collecting your own more beneficial. Water barrels provide an ample supply of free soft water that contains no chlorine, lime or calcium. This barrel is great for providing water for gardens, flower pots, and car and window washing. Reconditioned rain barrels are made from recycled and reconditioned plastic barrels formerly used for food product shipping, such as pickle and pepper barrels. Barrels are modified into rain barrels and assembled with a spigot and overflow fitting. This 55 gallon rain barrel top/lid is equipped with metal mesh screen to filter out debris and prevent mosquitoes from getting in.

Key benefits:
  • Reduce runoff pollution
  • Rainwater is better for your plants and soil
  • Eco-friendly
  • Helps control moisture levels around the foundations of your home
  • Made from barrels previously used to ship pickled foods
  • Rain barrel accessories available separately


High-Density Polyethylene PlasticHigh density polyethylene (HDPE ) is the most commonly used resin. This economical plastic has good impact and chemical resistance, is naturally translucent and flexible. It is typically used for personal care products such as shampoo bottles. Adding color will give HDPE an opaque look that will result in an increase in weight and rigidness. We have a variety of these rigid and tough high density polyethylene products in stock, from containers, pails, bottles, caps, tubs and jugs. HDPE works well in below freezing temperatures. HDPE heat compatibility varies. Maximum fill temperature is generally around 171°F; however, testing is recommended with your specific product and application.


This information has been provided as a general guide. It is the customer's responsibility to select the proper container for product and application compatibility. The Cary Company does hereby disclaim any and all warranties, expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use. We are not responsible for consequential damages arising from customer's selection and use of containers, container and label dimensions, and/or closures supplied by us.

Additional Information

More Information
Capacity55 gal.
DimensionsDimensions vary.
Weight19 lbs.
Pallet Pack4 ea.
Pallet Dimensions48" L x 48" W x 50" H
Pallet Weight76 lbs.
Note:» View our entire 55 Gallon Drum selection.
*For quantities of 48 or more drums, please contact us for pricing and shipping rates.
Q & A
Customer Questions
How tall is a 55 gallon drum?
The height of a 55 gallon drum ranges from 33" to 36-3/4" depending if it’s plastic, steel or fiber, open-head or tight-head. For specific information about this product, please view the specification sheet or contact us for more information.
How wide is a 55 gallon drum?
The width of a 55 gallon drum ranges from 21" to 24-1/2" in diameter depending if it’s plastic, steel or fiber, open-head or tight-head. For specific information about this product, please view the specification sheet or contact us for more information.
How much does a 55 gallon drum weigh?
The weight varies on the material, style and dimensions of a drum. The weight of a 55 gallon drum can range from 22 lbs. to 44 lbs. or more. For specific information about this product, please view the specification sheet or contact us for more information.
How are 55 gallon drums shipped?
The Cary Company ships LTL (Less Than Truckload) or Truckloads on 55 gallon or larger drums.
What 55 gallon drum quantities can ship UPS?
55 gallon drums cannot be shipped by UPS. Sizes less than 55 gallons in small quantities may be shipped by UPS.
What is this rain barrel made of?
This rain barrel is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, which offers good impact resistance as well as chemical and temperature resistance. HDPE also offers high tensile strength and can be recycled. This durable plastic composition makes these barrels ideal for outdoor use.
What are some benefits of your rain barrels?
Most rain barrels utilize a reconditioned 55-gallon drum, which diverts that barrel from a landfill. Our rain barrels were previously used for food products, which ensures no harmful chemicals were stored in these containers. Additionally, they conserve rainwater which can be used to safely water plants or used for washing.
Does a rain barrel save money?
According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a rain barrel can save about 1,300 gallons of water during the peak summer months. Additionally, in a national survey by DC Urban Gardeners, a rain barrel lowered water bills by about $35 a month in the summer.
How do rain barrels work?
Rain barrels are typically positioned under building or house downspouts to collect rain water for later use. The collected water can be used to water plants or for cleaning purposes. These barrels are fitted with a spigot that can be connected to a hose to more easily distribute the water. You can also attach netting on the barrel opening to prevent debris from entering the barrel and prevent mosquitoes from accessing the water.
How do you install a rain barrel?
Install the spigot and overflow fitting to your rain barrel. Select a spot beneath a downspout. Position the downspout over the barrel, but away from the building. Let the rain fall!
what on earth does it mean when you say "Pallet Pack 4 ea." - with big 48"x48" dimensions? this makes it sound as if you are shipping 4 barrels.
Thank you for your inquiry. If purchasing 4 of these barrels, that would be a pallet. You may purchase one barrel if needed, but please note we have a $200 minimum order. Thank you for choosing The Cary Company!
Can you ship internationally? Where are you located?
The Cary Company online ordering platform is only set up to ship within the United States. For international shipments, please contact us at 630.629.6600 or Sales@thecarycompany.com, and we will be happy to process your order. Our main warehouse and office are located in Addison, Ill. We also have warehouses in across the United States that you can see here. Thank you for choosing The Cary Company.
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