Part #: 26BPCC

Pneumatic Pumpcap™ Capping Machine (15-130mm) Max ht. 15" for Caps & Trigger Sprayers

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Part #: 26BPCC
Pneumatic Pumpcap™ Capping Machine (15-130mm) Max ht. 15" for Caps & Trigger Sprayers

The 26BPCC pneumatic Pumpcap capping machine can handle all screw-on caps, such as trigger spray caps, standard flat caps to trigger spray caps, pump caps, and much more. It has an air pressure of 90-125 PSI@5.5 CFM with a torque range of 4-100 inch lbs. and can be used with bottles that have a maximum height of 15 inches. This machine has a four wheel drive design to provide better cap gripping and also works well as a decapping machine. The PumpCap provides the repeatable torque accuracy that lets the operator tighten the cap to his or her needs without constantly adjusting the torque. Better yet, it comes with a one year warranty for all parts and labor.
*Must select a drive wheel and tire to complete order.
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How Pneumatic Pumpcap Bottle Capping Machines Work
Place the cap loosely on the bottle and then put the bottle on the machine's base. Make sure it rests against the backstop. To start the capping process, the operator will step on on the foot pedal so that the drive wheels move inward onto the cap for tightening. When the drive wheels touch the cap, this will start the capping motor. In less than a second, the motor tightens the cap and proceeds to shut off automatically, signaling that the tightening process is complete. The operator will then remove his or her foot from the foot pedal. The air cylinder will move the drive wheels off the cap and revert back to its starting position. Remove the newly capped bottle from the machine's base.

The Anti-Rotation Base
The Anti-Rotation Base has a high friction rubber surface which prevents the bottle from spinning while being capped.

Superior Torque Accuracy
The Pneumatic Capping Machine is known for its torque accuracy. It shuts off automatically when the correct amount of torque is applied to the cap.

Key Benefits:
  • Tightens caps from 15-130mm
  • Torque range 4-100 inch lbs.
  • Maximum bottle height of 15"
  • Pneumatic operation that runs on compressed air and does not require electricity
  • Air requirements 90-125 PSI@5.5 CFM
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction
  • External torque adjustment dial
  • Reversible (can be used as a de-capper)
  • Quick change drive wheels
  • Anti-Rotation base prevents the bottle from rotating
  • 1 year warranty for all parts and labor
Package Includes:
  • Bottle Capping Machine
  • Standard Base
  • Drive Wheel
  • Tire


This information has been provided as a general guide. It is the customer's responsibility to select the proper container for product and application compatibility.

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture
Weight 58 lbs.
Cap Range 15-130mm
Torque Range 4 - 100 in. lbs.
Air Pressure 90 - 125 PSI @5.5CFM
Note: *Must select a drive wheel and tire to complete order.
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