Custom Bottle Design & Manufacturing

Custom Bottle Design - Concept
Custom Bottle Design - Digital Rendering
Custom Bottle Design - Mechanical Rendering
Custom Bottle Design - Manufacturing

Can’t quite find the bottle you’re looking for? Do you have a unique idea for a container in mind? Want your product packaging to have an original look to set you apart from the competition? With our custom blow molding services for jars, bottles and other containers, The Cary Company can help you design and create that perfect container that stands out in the crowd.

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*Note: Custom bottle molds cost anywhere between $10,000 - $50,000.
*Minimum orders are around 500,000 pieces. (Quantities based on product)

To speed up the process, please download and fill out our Custom Bottle Form: Custom Bottle Design Form

Let’s walk through the process:


We will work with you from the ground up. If you already have an idea for the custom container we will consult with you, iron out any apparent issues and take it directly to production. If you don’t have an idea, we will discuss your needs, purpose and objective thoroughly and provide a concept that will satisfy your situation. So get your one of a kind plastic water bottle, juice bottle, beauty jar, or cleaning container idea ready!

Mechanical & Digital Rendering

The next step is to take the idea or concept and workup a mechanical detailing all the features. Following this mechanical we then digitize the new product and render it out for a very close approximation of what the final piece will look like. This is where it really starts to come to life.


Next, we take all the information from the mechanical and rendering to manufacturing. This is where your dream container becomes a reality.

Label Design & Application

The last step is the option of letting us design, print and apply a custom label to announce and complement your new addition to the marketplace. We have professional label designers on staff who can make you a label as unique as the new product itself.