Used Tote Disposal Services

Free IBC Tote Pickup!

We offer free IBC tote recycling and disposal services to help you responsibly recycle various used IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers). After receiving these containers, we clean them out and recondition them. No freight charges. On-time pickups. No stress!

Used Tote Disposal ServicesUsed Tote Disposal Services

Used Container Requirements

  • Container must be "drip dry" and empty in accordance with 40 CFR 261.7 as well as all local and state regulations
  • Containers must have replaced fillport and valve caps as well as have secure valves
  • All labels must be in-place and legible
  • Quantities must be in full truckload quantities or close

Please review all Terms and Conditions prior to submitting this form. For any questions, please reach out

Used Container Information

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Terms & Conditions

  1. All totes must be empty per RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) specifications which is less than 0.9 of 1 gallon per 275 gallon IBC Tote or 1.1 gallon for a 330 gallon IBC tote; less than 1” of material remaining in the bottom of the tote. Tote must be tilted forward and emptied so that nothing comes out.
  2. No damage to inner tank, cages, and pallets (not bent, broken or pierced).
  3. All totes must have the valves, fill port screw caps, and dust caps in place, be operational and closed.
  4. No severe residue or oxidation on inside or outside of container and metal cage must be reusable.
  5. Placards, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), this Tote Return Form and Bill of Lading (BOL) must be included with the shipment.
  6. Placards must be provided to the carrier if you have any DOT hazardous materials (DOT REG. 49, CFR 172.506). Totes MUST be labeled as such and be 100% empty or tote will be refused or returned at customer’s expense.
  7. Any and all non-compliant totes will be returned at customer's expense.
  8. Alterations to the shipment (quantity, condition, BOL, SDS’s, etc.) after the shipment has been arranged must be communicated to The Cary Company before the pickup occurs. Failure to alert The Cary Company in advance will result in the shipper being responsible for the freight or refusal of pickup.
  9. Pickups and deliveries allow for approximately 1 hour of waiting time for the trailer to be loaded or unloaded. After that, the shipper will be charged for driver detention.

Please note completing and submitting this form to The Cary Company authorizes pick up and any charges to be invoiced as stated in the Terms & Conditions.

In addition to completing this form, you must also send photos of the containers to be returned and SDS of the former contents (if applicable) to for your return request to be processed. Failure to complete all information may result in delays in processing.

Tote Return FAQs

What size totes will you collect?
We collect bulk containers of all sizes, but the most common size IBC totes we collect are 275 and 330 gallon containers.
Where do you pickup?
We offer full truckload pickup across the United States. We also offer less than truckload pickup near our tote recycling facilities in Addison, IL, Pittsburg, PA, Jurupa Valley, CA and Oakland, CA. Please inquire about your specific quantity and location for more details.
Can you collect the cages and pallets, as well?
Yes, we will collect the entire IBC assembly, including cages and pallets.
Do the containers have to be empty? How do I prepare a tote for return?
IBCs must be RCRA empty. An empty container is allowed 0.3% by weight of the total volume in a bulk container. In a 275 Gallon IBC, an RCRA emptier is allowed .9 of 1 gallon total volume. In a 330 Gallon IBC, an RCRA emptier is allowed 1.1 gallons total volume. The weight is measured by what the SG is of the SDS in the container. If your container is less than 119 gallons, it is not considered a bulk container. If an emptier cannot see the majority of the bottom (exposed / free from being covered over by any residue) of a plastic inner receptacle of an IBC, it is not RCRA empty. Please note containers must be empty in accordance with all local and state regulations as well.

To prepare your totes for return, please ensure your totes are empty and we will assist with the rest!
What information do you need for IBC disposal?
We require the following information in order to process the IBC disposal:
  • A few pictures of the containers that will be returned.
  • SDS of the former contents.
  • Size of IBC being returned.
  • The number of IBCs that will be returned.
  • The pick up location of the containers.
All of this information is included in the form. Please fill out and we will reach out! We also have a copy of the downloadable form here. The form must be filled out in it's entirety and signed.
Will I be charged for the pickup of IBC totes?
No, the pickup service is free.
Can I include other recyclables (such as drums) with my pickup?
Please contact us with the details of the additional containers and we will look at this on a case-by-case basis.
Do you pay for the totes?
We typically do not pay out for the totes, but we offer free pick up as a convenience service to get off your floor.
How many IBC totes must be collected before you’ll pick them up?
The quantities must be in full truckload quantities or close to truckload.
What is a truckload quantity of IBCs?
A truckload quantity of IBCs is around 60 totes depending on the capacity of the IBCs.
What types of pictures do you need for the IBCs?
While we do not need an individual picture of every tote, the pictures should be clear and be a photo of the totes that will be picked up. Please note we must have photos in advance of pickup. If we have additional questions or need more photos, a member of our team will reach out.
Why can't I just throw out my IBCs?
Though empty IBC Totes waste space and resources, companies should not throw out used IBCs. IBC disposal must be in compliance with strict federal, state and local environmental regulations. The Cary Company can work out proper disposal and recycling of a variety of totes and intermediate bulk containers (IBC's).