Fluorination Barrier Treatment

Fluorination Barrier Treatment

The Cary Company offers Fluorination Barrier Treatment for plastic containers purchased from us. If you’re not sure what that is or why you need it keep reading.

Fluorination prevents container paneling and distortion and reduces chemical permeation, weight loss, odor emission and flavor or fragrance loss. The process exposes the surfaces of plastics and other materials to elemental fluorine under strictly controlled conditions of time, temperature, and pressure. Hydrogen atoms on the exposed surfaces are replaced with fluorine atoms, creating a permanent fluorocarbon barrier on all exposed surfaces.

Some common benefits of fluorination are:

  • Reduces solvent and chemical permeation by up to 1000 times.
  • Available for use on all polyethylene and polypropylene containers.
  • Replace glass, metal, or more costly plastic resin containers with a safe, cost effective alternative.

Before Fluorination

The molecules of some products inside the container can easily permeate the container walls. This can cause product and weight loss, leading to paneling.

After Fluorination

The Fluorination Barrier Treatment seals the entire container, inside and out, creating a double-sided barrier to resist permeation. Plastic containers for example, will then become fluorinated plastic.