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That's right... Real people in the U.S. not hiding behind a website. We are here to help. Technical experts dedicated to finding the best solution available to meet or exceed your needs.

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TJ Tyrrell
TJ Tyrrell


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The Cary Company Experts The Cary Company Experts

Can’t find a specific item? Require a unique solution? We can probably source it for you!
One of our friendly Cary Company Solutions Providers will work with you to find the best solution available.

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Concerned you can't find the right packaging for your specific needs? Look no further. With over 125 years of service and reliability under our belts, our in-house experts are dedicated to staying on top of the latest industry trends to get what you need.

As a company that values customer experience, we're committed to exceptional supplier performance such as quality, on-time delivery and first-rate customer service.

Our growing warehouses and salespeople across the U.S. are equipped to meet any requirement you may have quickly and at a competitive rate. 

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Let’s work together to discover the best solution to important questions:

  • Container materials: plastic, glass or metal? Custom colors?
  • FDA approved resins and barriers?
  • Filling requirements: hot fill, freezer grade, autoclave, high pressure processing (HPP)?
  • UN-rated safety: paint, coatings, solvents and other hazmat?
  • Structural design and neck finishes?
  • Decoration: in-mold labeling, pressure-sensitive label, screen printing?

We can help you find the perfect product package that will satisfy the requirements of your application.

If your brand requires a completely unique container, we will work with your design team to prototype the perfect 3D-designed package and multiple cavity molds designed for production of your perfect container. We will manage your opportunity from start to finish!

Why the Cary Company?

  • We're more than just a website, and you’re more than just an order number to us.
  • We value your success as our own.
  • We have technical experts dedicated to finding the best solution available to meet or exceed your needs.
  • Over 125 years of service and reliability under our belts, and we’re ready to partner with you.

We Offer Additional Services!

In addition to our distinguished customer service experience, we offer services including label design, logistics support, tote disposal, product warehousing and more. Whatever you’re looking for, our customer-centered business approach will tailor solutions to fit your unique business needs.