Part #: 37BFS6

Ultra-Filter Sock® Phos Filter

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Part #: 37BFS6
Ultra-Filter Sock® Phos Filter

The UltraTech 9456 (37BFS6) Ultra-Filter Sock® is a 108" x 7" x 4" phos filter sock with a woven polymer casing. The filter sock can be used with places that run the risk of harmful storm water runoff such as storm drains, downspouts, gullies, and ditches. The Phos Filter filtration media removes phosphorous.
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The Ultra-Filter Sock® prevents harmful pollutants from entering the stormwater system. The filter sock is designed for use in front of storm drains, around downspouts, in gullies and ditches, or anywhere there is potential for harmful stormwater runoff. The filter sock has a woven polymer casing with recycled rubber media as a weight that keeps the unit in place and blocks sediment while allowing for the best possible water flow. The filter sock is 9' in length with looped ends that can be staked in place or overlapped for more coverage.

Key benefits
  • Designed for use in front of places with potential for detrimental stormwater runoff such as storm drains, downspouts, gullies, and ditches.
  • Woven polymer casing allows water to flow quickly while filtration media inside removes contaminants.
  • High UV rating allows prolonged life in sun and elements.
  • Socks available in 9-foot lengths and can be overlapped for extra coverage.
  • Looped ends allow for units to be firmly in place and also aid with transportation.
  • Different types of media are available depending on which pollutant is present.
  • Option for heavy-metal removal available.


This information has been provided as a general guide. It is the customer's responsibility to select the proper container for product and application compatibility.

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Color Green
Country of Manufacture
Model UltraTech 9456
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