Accessibility Statement


The Cary Company is committed to making our products and services accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. We believe that all customers should be able to easily shop with The Cary Company online and we are actively working to improve universal accessibility on our website.

If you have questions or concerns about the accessibility of our website, please contact us by calling (630) 629-6600 or by sending an email to Please be sure to provide specific details in your correspondence about the accessibility issue that you are encountering.

Work in Progress

Making sure that our customers have an extraordinary online experience is an ongoing initiative here at The Cary Company. We are aware that there may be content on our website that is not fully accessible, and therefore does not provide the best experience for all users. We are continually working on addressing any content or areas that may present difficulties for the users of our website.

Reasonable Accommodations

Individuals who need accommodation or have a request for auxiliary aids or services please call (630) 629-6600 or send an email to Be sure to include contact information such as an email address and/or telephone number where you may be reached. We will consider and respond to all requests as quickly as possible.

Third-Party Websites

The Cary Company's website may contain links to websites hosted by third parties; The Cary Company does not make claims regarding the accessibility of third-party websites and is not able to make accommodations on such websites.


We are always working to ensure that our products and services are accessible to users of all abilities. If you have a suggestion or question about the accessibility of products or services at The Cary Company, please contact us by phone at (630) 629-6600 or email us at Please be sure to specify the web page URL and provide details of the issue so that we may make reasonable efforts to address your concerns.