Part # : 26BUD9

Urethane Chuck Liner 55 Durometer for 115-130mm Caps

Part # : 26BUD9

Urethane Chuck Liner 55 Durometer for 115-130mm Caps

The 26BUD9 is a urethane chuck liner 55 durometer for 115-130mm Caps that is inserted within a chuck. The chuck with the inserted liner is attached to the capping machine which grips the cap during the capping process.
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  • 1 $15.500 ea.
  • Quantity Qty Price
  • 1 $15.500 ea.
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The liner plays a crucial role in capping
The amount of torque a capping machine can apply to a cap is determined by the amount of grip that the liner can generate on the cap. The greater the grip, the greater the amount of torque the capping machine will be able to apply to the cap and the greater the torque repeatability you will be able to achieve.

Urethane liners provide superior gripping properties and good wear characteristics. The extremely accurate clutches used on our capping machines automatically shut off the capping motor the instant the cap becomes tight. Since the liner and cap stop simultaneously, virtually no liner wear occurs for each cap the machines tighten. Since liner wear is not a concern, our customers can use relatively soft 55 durometer liners for excellent torque generation and repeatability.


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Cap Range 115-130mm
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