This is an expanded vermiculite (granular) loose fill with a medium particle size and a finer grain. Grade 2 vermiculite is suitable for packing hazardous liquids and has great absorption, creating a tight fit around containers during storage and shipping. As a natural mica mineral, it works as a soil additive to provide aeration and water retention for the horticulture purposes. Medium vermiculite is used as lab packaging, spill cleanup, loose fill insulation, chimney lining insulation, seed covering, concrete aggregate, pool base aggregate, and many more. Medium Grade 2 Vermiculite can be purchased in 4-Cu. Ft., 60-Cu. Ft., and 70-Cu. Ft. bag quantities.

Key benefits:
  • Medium grade
  • Incombustible
  • Good absorption
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Insoluble in water and organic solvents
  • Horticulture vermiculite is odorless, nontoxic, and clean, often mixed with soil and fertilizers
  • Attracts potassium, calcium, and more, which is used by plants to grow
  • Great for seed germination and decreasing propagation
  • Fine grain creates a tighter packaging for containers
  • Provides shipping protection (absorbent cushioning ) for containers filled with liquids and chemicals by preventing spills and leaks during shipment
  • Used in industrial and horticulture settings
  • Meets ICAA and IATA hazardous material requirements. Meets GSA CID A-A-52450.

Vermiculite Common Uses

Packaging Materials
Vermiculite's lightweight, absorbent and nonabrasive properties make it an excellent choice for packaging material for any shipment. Vermiculite packing material is ideal for shipping anything hazardous, flammable, liquid or any combination of industrial products when leakage could occur. Naturally inert and safe, it easily pours around irregular shaped objects and provides superb shock absorbency.

Vermiculite's natural absorbency and fire-resistant characteristics as well as its fluffy, cushioning texture make it an ideal option for use as packing material for important items that need to be stored for long periods of time. Never a need to worry about damage from fire, roof leaks or improper handling.

Horticultural Vermiculite is a natural substance that is light, absorbent and odorless. It is chemically inert and sterile; therefore, is an excellent soil additive. Natural Vermiculite expands up to twenty times its original size when exfoliated. This allows for superior soil aeration, as well as moisture and nutrient retention which are essential in greenhouse and/or organic gardening.

Since Vermiculite has a neutral pH (7) and is completely odorless and sterile, it is preferred by horticulturists, greenhouse and organic gardening enthusiasts alike over other soil additives and conditioners. In addition, Vermiculite does not break down or degrade over time. It remains in the soil permanently; thus it produces a superior product while requiring less maintenance.

Often, maintaining proper soil moisture can be quite tricky. Too little prevents proper growth and maturity, while too much can cause mold and bacteria growth in the soil. Proper soil moisture retention is another benefit of using Vermiculite in all soil mixes. Since it is naturally sterile and germicidal, Palmetto Vermiculite helps prevent build-up of root-rot causing molds and bacteria in the soil.

Square Foot Gardening
Vermiculite is a key component of successful square foot gardening. Excellent soil aeration as well as moisture and nutrient retention are necessary for successful square foot gardening. Vermiculite possesses naturally occurring properties that perform these essential square foot gardening functions. In addition, vermiculite is light weight and easy to handle when mixing with soil, fertilizers, compost materials and other components used in square foot gardening.

To produce a high-yielding square foot garden, it is critical to use the proper soil mixture. Vermiculite used as a soil amendment will provide the correct balance for the perfect square foot garden. Its moisture/nutrient absorbency and moisture/nutrient release characteristics allow a square foot garden the opportunity to grow at just the right pace without the concern of over or under watering or over or under fertilizing.

Pool Base Mix for Vinyl Liner Pools
Superior swimming pool liners begin with Vermiculite. A mixture of sand, portland cement and Palmetto Vermiculite provides an economical solution for a smooth, soft pool surface. The smooth, less abrasive surface aids in keeping the swimming pool clean.

Vermiculite used in base mixes for in-ground swimming pools allows for a long-lasting liner that will require little, if any, maintenance or repair. Without Vermiculite used in base mix for swimming pool liner, your pool will be prone to pressure cracks; much like when a house settles. Regular sand concrete is subject to cracking, chipping and breaking.

Pool liner base mixtures without Vermiculite tend to be rough and hard and offer no cushioning at all. Often after spending time in pools without Vermiculite in the base mixture, swimmers complain of feeling as if they have blisters on their feet. When Palmetto Vermiculite is included in the pool liner base, your pool floor will be softer and more pleasant to the feet, making it the neighborhood favorite'¦and making you the most referred swimming pool installer in town!

Lightweight Concrete
Need a lighter weight concrete? Concrete made with Vermiculite is only 15% of the weight of regular structural grade concrete. The moisture absorbing properties of natural vermiculite aid in curing the concrete, which results in a stronger, lighter concrete product. In addition, using vermiculite concrete offers improved insulation over standard structural grade concrete.

The all-around cost savings benefit of using vermiculite concrete speaks for itself. However, as we continue to move toward greener construction methods and practices, vermiculite concrete is definitely a step with a smaller footprint. With vermiculite concrete, we are finding there is less need for structural steel reinforcement. In addition it involves smaller foundation requirements and provides excellent fire resistance.


This information has been provided as a general guide. It is the customer's responsibility to select the proper container for product and application compatibility.

Additional Information

More Information
Dimensions50" x 51" x 56"
Pallet Pack1 70-Cu. Ft. Bag
Pallet Weight570 lbs. (includes pallet)
Pallet Dimensions53" x 51" x 60"
Weight525 lbs.
Country of ManufactureUnited States
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