Store that wine appropriately with the #7 (13/16" x 1 ½”) Neutrocork® 38 mm x 21 mm Micro-Agglomerated Cork.

Key benefits:
  • Made of small cork granules that have been pressed together into individual molds to create a stable cork
  • Strong enough to withstand mechanical bottling
  • Cork neck finish with a 3/4” neck width
  • Better consistency, smoother, and more elastic than standard agglomerated corks
  • Almost zero trichloroanisole (TCA)
  • Easy extraction
  • Protects wine from oxidation
  • Fits most commercially made wine bottles (However, for a proper fit, purchase a cork that is 2-3mm larger than the bottle's opening.)
  • #7 cork is suitable for winemakers who want to cork bottles by hand. Wine bottle corker is not required.
  • Legacy Sizing: No. 7 × 1 ½”

Micro-Agglomerated Corks
Known for its stability, these micro-agglomerated corks are made of small cork granules that are compressed to form a uniformed single mold. They compress less easily than natural corks. These corks are great for home winemaking kits. Cork insertion is easiest when using small hand-operated corkers.

Neutrocork® is a new generation natural cork closure that offers homogeneous stability. They are typically used for early consumption of wine (up to 2 years).

Cork Dimensions
Wider corks have a tighter seal which are sometimes difficult to insert with handheld corkers. Longer corks limit the amount of headspace available in a bottle. In general, most bottles can handle various cork dimensions to create an acceptable seal.

Guide to Natural Wine Corks
Need help deciding the best cork closure for your application? Learn more about our natural wine cork closures.


This information has been provided as a general guide. It is the customer's responsibility to select the proper container for product and application compatibility.

Additional Information

More Information
Neck Finish Cork
Liner Compatibility Glass
Color Cork
Material Agglomerated Cork
FDA Approved Yes
Size 38 x 21mm
Dimensions 21 mm Dia. x 38mm H (13/16" x 1-1/2")
Industries Food & Beverage
Note: The Neutrocork® corks are recommended for wine that is meant to be consumed within two years after bottling. However, #7 corks have a looser fit, which may result in some leaking. We recommend using the #8 and #9 corks for long term storage.
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