A New Way of Expression: 3-D Sculpting Mud

A New Way of Expression: 3-D Sculpting Mud

Art, it’s one of the many ways we as humans express ourselves. There are plenty of ways to use this outlet, be it through drawing, playing an instrument, arts and crafts and so much more. But one interesting form of self-expression is 3-D sculpting. Now, most people probably haven’t done a lot of 3-D sculpting but, thanks to a new company based in Alma, Arkansas, 3-D sculpting is becoming viable for many more people.

The Sculptor

Meet Cathy Mason, the founder of Cee Gees Diversified, a company that specializes in a unique 3-D sculpting mud. Cathy has been around art her entire life and the passion she has for it is clear. When she was five she completed her first drawing, that of her father’s horse, Fritz. Since then, she has never stopped painting and continues to push herself creativity, always asking herself, “Can I do this or can I do that?”

Cathy began sculpting in 7th grade with her first work of art being a gold paper-mache dinosaur. Little did she know that the lessons she would learn through creating that dinosaur would be the catalyst for a brand new journey in her life.

Cathy Mason

Cathy attended University of Arkansas – Fort Smith where she double majored in Studio Art and Psychology. She later got her master’s from the University of Arkansas in 2016. Despite having all this experience and trying all sorts of new ideas via art, she wanted something new. Cathy wanted something that was versatile for not only artists but also hobbyists and crafters. This is when she remembered that dinosaur she created back in 7th grade and from then on, things began to click.

The Idea

After spending time experimenting with different combinations, Cathy developed the right consistency for the product she was interested in making. This product was meant to be a sculpting mud that could be easily manipulated before drying, could be used with acrylic paint, stick to anything and be accessible to professional artists all the way to little kids.

Once the product was finalized, Cathy needed a container to store it in. After some online research, she came across The Cary Company and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. It was through the company that Cathy found the perfect 8 oz. and 16 oz. clear round plastic jars (and matching lids for both the 8 oz. and 16 oz.) to package her product.

The see through nature of the container allowed Cathy to let the product take the center stage and make the different colors easily identifiable. Cathy described the experience of working with The Cary Company as, “Excellent as they’ve worked to help me find the right containers with pressure sealed lids.”

The Tank

The Response

Armed with the packaging essentials, Cathy began selling her product and has achieved high praise. Many customers have noted that the product is very innovative and fun to work with. Moms like Jessica have exclaimed, “I want my kids to do this!” Even professional artists, such as Jimmy Leach have remarked that, despite only using it for a short time, “I am sold! This is some good stuff.

Going forward, Cathy plans on introducing new colors and continue to show new ways her product can be used in a variety of applications.

Not only does Cathy develop her own product from home but she also teaches people about it through workshops and summer art camps that she teaches. You can purchase this creative product from her website, Cee Gees Diversified and become the sculptor you always wanted to be!

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