Concrete Curing Blankets for Summertime Use

Concrete and its curing process experience the greatest challenges during winter; but summertime isn’t without its dilemmas either. In fact, there are plenty of things you need to take into consideration with concrete curing during the summer, and you may even find the need for a concrete curing blanket.

Concrete Curing in the Hotter Months

Concrete CuringWhen it comes to pouring concrete, winter poses more challenges than any other time of year. For concrete to cure properly, ideal temperatures have to be met, and winter throws a wrench in the works more than any other season. When pouring concrete in winter, the assistance of a good concrete curing blanket is invaluable. But how often do we stop to think about the challenges summer brings to the mix? In fact, did you know that curing assistance could even be needed in the summer?

You can say goodbye to the need for freeze protection during the hottest months of the year, but this doesn’t mean that temperature regulation is completely out of the picture. During the summer, you need to watch for temperature fluctuations between night and day hours. We all know that concrete cures best at a constant, high temperature. However, in some regions, temperatures can fluctuate drastically between the hottest time of day and the coolest time of night. And such fluctuations can cause an inconsistent cure.

If you’re in a region where there is the risk for a rapid drop in temperature from day to night, then your concrete could be at risk to crack. The temperature may be ideal for curing during the day, and perhaps even adequate at night, but the real trouble comes from a large difference between the high and low.

Summer and a Concrete Curing Blanket?

Now, you may be thinking: it’s crazy to use a concrete curing blanket in the summer, so here’s something to chew on. How much do you think you could speed up the curing process if you could maintain a high and steady temperature around the clock? Think about how dropping temperatures at night could slow the process down. Aside from the potential hazards of cracking, adding heat during a drop in temperature will allow the concrete to reach a full cure faster.

And what better way to add the heat than with a Powerblanket® Concrete Curing Blanket? Powerblanket technology offers the most efficient heat distribution on the market, and with the use of a patented blend of materials, Powerblanket curing blankets allow you to apply regulated, even heat throughout the entire surface area. So whether it’s summer or winter, if you’re pouring concrete, we’ve got you covered with Powerblanket curing blankets.