Customer Spotlight: Message in a Bottle Invitations

At The Cary Company, we’re always wondering what actually happens to the products we sell after they are shipped out to customers. Whether you are just a regular shopper or happen to run your own business, our Customer Spotlight series strives to showcase you and your goods to the public. After all, we here at The Cary Company believe everyone is our partner, no matter how big or small.

Message in a Bottle Invitations

For this month’s Customer Spotlight, we head to the suburbs of Illinois, where Diana Heredia, a makeup loving administrative assistant shows off her crafty skills with these unique message in a bottle invitations. Diana is known among her circle of friends as someone with a great eye for detail who enjoys planning events and sending out meeting invites at work.

Glitter was my main focus since I love glitter!

The idea for these message in a bottle invitations came to Diana when her friend asked her to create quinceañera invitations. Diana didn’t want to just send out typical paper invitations, so she decided she needed to do something different using glass bottles. Finding the right bottles though wasn’t an easy task, as Diana noted, “Most of the craft stores around my neighborhood that I had in mind were very expensive or just didn’t carry the right size I was looking for. It was so frustrating until I found The Cary Company.”

Unsure if the bottles at The Cary Company were a good fit, Diana decided to take advantage of The Cary Company’s sample requests. From there, she ended up choosing the 12 oz. glass drink bottle, which she used to create a sample invitation. Her friend loved it! Diana notes, “I also was so pleased with the price that I went ahead and ordered 48 more bottles!”

Glass Bottles in a Box

Diana’s hard work resulted in the message in the bottles featured in today’s post. These bottles have a glitter theme, which Diana refers to as the, “All About Glitter” bottles. Diana matched the glitter inside the bottle with her friend’s quinceañera dress. She then added a decorative paper flower inside the bottle and tied glitter ribbons on the outside of each one.

Since the invitations were such a huge hit among the partygoers, Diana is planning on concocting some more fun projects in the future. We’re excited to see what she’ll come up with next! For more tips, tricks, or requests, you can email Diana here.

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