Fight the Cold Weather with Tote and Drum Heaters

Fight the Cold Weather with Tote and Drum Heaters

Insulated Drum Heaters

Powerblanket Drum Heater

Keeping your expensive material properly heated with insulated drum heaters is one of the most important factors in storing bulk material in cold weather. Allowing freezing temperatures to get the better of your business when doing winter work can lead to delays, low-quality products, poor reviews, and less contracts for next year. What can you do to make sure the weather doesn’t slow you down?

Properly warming your material can save you time and money. Unmonitored changes in material density and viscosity can lead to waste, driving up your operations costs and lowering the quality of your product. Increasing the temperature of your entire warehouse in the cold winter months can be extremely expensive and not too effective. In an environment where multiple factors are in play, you need a one stop solution that will remedy all of your material warming and temperature control needs.

Drum Viscosity

The Cary Company has the solution: our Powerblanket industrial drum and barrel heaters allow for temperature-sensitive material to maintain a desired level of viscosity regardless of the outside ambient temperature. These self-regulating heat wraps are top of the line in terms of effectiveness and safety. Each unit comes with the option of having additional controls to allow the drum heater to function independently, meaning less time supervising and more time getting the job done. In addition, Powerblanket’s drum heaters come in three sizes: 55, 30 and 15-gallon. You can also look into getting your heater with an extreme weather cover to further protect your material from the elements.

Beware of other products that have similar claims. Not all drum heaters are created equally. Some warmers can scorch the container, resulting in uneven heating. Other products, such as band heaters, only heat the parts of the container it touches instead of the whole thing. A Powerblanket insulated drum and barrel heater can equip you with the tools needed to prevent this from happening and have peace of mind that your material is safely wrapped in the most trusted name in the drum heating industry.

Thermal image of a Powerblanket drum heater on a drum Thermal image of a Powerblanket drum heater on a drum.

IBC Tote Heaters

When working on a large project, there’s a lot of things you need to keep track of. But when the temperature is plummeting and you’ve got a jobsite to run, how can you be sure that your bulk material won’t freeze on you?

Working in cold weather leads to problems everyone has to deal with. Thickening viscosity can prevent equipment from working right. Settling chemicals can change their composition. In order to stop this from happening, companies will often try to take the cheapest route to keep their material warm. Or, they try to use equipment such as microwaves to reheat products such as glue or paint when needed. Both of these “solutions” are unsafe and should not be trusted.

Enter the Powerblanket IBC tote heaters, created just for this purpose. Keeping your material warm at a fraction of the cost of other heat options, tote heaters can heat up and regulate totes as large as 550 gallons, all the while meeting industry safety standards and ensuring your material stays at the viscosity you need it to be.

IBC Tote Heater

Operating at a temperature range of ambient up to a max 145° F, the tote heater performs through temperatures as low as -40° F, allowing you to keep your focus where it needs to be and not worrying about if your project will be held up.

The flexibility of the tote heater wrap also works to your advantage, with custom options to increase size, add to the range of heating, or include temperature monitoring equipment for more control. Each heater is hassle-free to install and operate.

The next time cold weather threatens to shut down your project, turn the threat on the old weather by using Powerblanket IBC tote heaters to stand up for your business. Trust Powerblanket tote heaters to get the job done. Call The Cary Company today at 630-629-6600 or shop online with The Cary Company to order your Powerblanket IBC tote heating blankets.