Meaningful Made-By-You-Just-For-Them-Gifts

Meaningful Made-By-You-Just-For-Them-Gifts

Congratulations to our customer Knack for launching their new ecommerce website!

They are creatively using our Clear Plastic Paint Cans to package their customizable gifts!

Based in Seattle, WA founder Laura Jennings believes in discovering specialty artisan producers and products to create your gifts. They are successfully bringing back the art of personalized gift giving even for the busiest of persons!

All you have to do is pick your container and choose from the wide variety of knicks they offer. From designer cosmetics to candy there is no limit to your imagination. Every Knack customer will be proud of the story they have created with their gift and it’s easy!

We encourage everyone to go check them out for any heartfelt occasion!

Clear Plastic Paint Cans are a great and creative way to advertise and show off your products! Whether it’s combining them all in one to make a gift basket or simply packaging your goods inside, customers appreciate the presentation and transparency of your product!