Perfection is a Paint Can

At the Cary Company, our paint cans are among the most popular products we carry, with sizes ranging from ¼ pint to 1 gallon. There are five different types of cans available through the Cary Store which include tin, hybrid, clear plastic, all plastic, and clear art-style. We offer three different types of liners for our paint cans:

  • Epoxy phenolic (“grey”) lining is meant for water based paints and latex products. It has excellent resistance to alkaline products.
  • Gold phenolic (“gold”) lining is FDA approved. It is primarily used for solvent coatings and is very popular in the aerospace industry.
  • Unlined ("plain") cans work well with oil based or solvent coatings.

Paint cans are great on their own, but we have all the accessories you need to make your order complete. All cans are available with or without plastic or metal handles.

We offer a selection of can clips to help prevent against any spills during transit. These clips can easily be removed with a screwdriver or pliers. If you need a UN regulation seal, the Cary Company offers Armlok and Normlock rings. We also can provide both automatic and manual closing tool options.

Who says paint cans are used solely for storing paint? Paint cans are versatile- they can be industrial or decorative! You can use our paint cans to create your own masterpiece, it’s easy and inexpensive! Check out our decorative centerpieces below for some inspiration! Paint Can Flowers

Products Used:

  • 30WS4U 1 Quart Unlined Tin Can With Lid
  • 30WC1U 1 Gallon Unlined Tin Can With Lid
  • Decorative ribbons
  • Flowers
  • Tape