Helping Heroes Get Home Safely

Silent Spring Can and Label

Faced with the possibility of a bomb exploding and losing their lives, military personnel and first responders need every possible measure to prevent such disasters from happening. Silent Spring Liquid Safing Fluid gives these heroes another line of defense.

Grey Ops, a transfer technology firm based out of Lusby, Md., was in the process of bringing to market Silent Spring, a blast mitigation fluid. This formula is designed to suppress the damage that can be caused by explosive devices. In addition to minimizing damage, Silent Spring can also encapsulate the energetic materials to allow for safe transportation of the incendiary device without altering the chemical structure of the underlying explosive material.

Designed for use by the Department of Defense, Federal civilian agencies, and State and local explosive ordinance disposal agencies, Silent Spring saves lives, minimizes the damage caused by explosive material and secures valuable forensic evidence that can be used to convict perpetrators who commit these crimes.

Perfect Packaging

Grey Ops chose metal cone top cans, caps and seals from The Cary Company’s vast selection of packaging options. During critical situations, Tommy Luginbill, who serves on Grey Ops’ board of directors, says dependable, secure packaging is extremely important. He says that the company wanted packaging that could safely contain the product, was sealable and was easy to open. To accommodate these needs, Grey Ops selected 1 Pint (16 oz.) Cone Top Can with 1-1/8" Beta Opening, 1-1/8" Beta Metal Cap with Pulp & Silite Liner and 1-1/8" Beta Inner Seal.

Design Guidance

To create the label, Grey Ops also sought design help from our design team. The Cary Company’s art director wanted the package label to work in concert with their Grey Ops logo and incorporate the look of a “spring” into the label design. Linking the Silent Spring “S” initials together, our team mimicked a spring shape that Grey Ops desired. As a nod to the product’s military origins, the art director incorporated a high-tech camouflage array background. The flash of light through the middle of the design gives the label a heroic light.

“You came up with, what I believe, is one of the coolest labels I’ve ever seen,” says Luginbill. “[The Cary Company] gave us the exact order we wanted, it was cost-effective and it shipped right away,” he adds, “that’s all because of The Cary Company.”

Luginbill asserts that Grey Ops is proud to be part of a product that is helping people get home safely. We at The Cary Company enthusiastically agree and are grateful to be part of this important collaboration.

To see Silent Spring in action, go to: Grey Ops' website.