Steeling the Lead

Metal BucketWhy choose a steel pail over a plastic pail?

  • Metal is infinitely recyclable
  • Metal offers a durable way to transport goods
  • Steel is rodent proof
  • Volume is more consistent in metal containers than plastic
  • Steel has a higher durability over plastic
  • Steel will not absorb odor and is chemical resistant
  • Steel contains no petroleum

And fun fact…

  • Steel pails are easier to recycle than plastic pails which helps reduce your environmental footprint! Go green!

Do you need steel pails with a rust inhibitor enamel coating? Or a UN rating? We have those and more! Check out our wide selection of steel pails here for more information.

Looking for more information on steel pails? We have resources that go over a pail versus a bucket, the metal that goes into making pails and other containers as well as a quick guide to steel pails.