The Perks of Plastic

“One word…Plastics.”

Here at the Cary Company, we have a large variety of plastic bottles to suit your everyday needs.

Why plastic?

Plastic is lightweight yet durable. It is inexpensive and easily recyclable. If you’re constantly on the go, there is no need to worry about the bottle leaking or breaking in transit.

The best part? It’s REUSABLE! It is not recommended to reuse plastic bottles that have been heated or bleached.

Our plastic sauce and dressing bottles are perfect for storing salad dressings, condiments, sauces, and more!

Plastic Bottles

Keep your spices filled to the brim of our round plastic spice jars!

Plastic Spice Bottles

Just make sure to wash the bottles out with soap and water between uses to prevent bacteria growth!

Plastic Juice Bottles

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We also have resources available on the benefits of plastic packaging, which types of plastics can be recycled? and more!