A Glimpse Into The Working Dead

Do you ever wonder what you would possibly do if a zombie apocalypse occurred? Well our creative team thought they could show you just how to survive those flesh eating monsters! An infomercial was produced, showing exactly what you need to survive the apocalypse with the help of some of our very own Cary Company employees or should I say zombies!

The Working Dead involved 38 employees and was filmed over the past month on location at The Cary Company. Our creative team worked many grueling hours to not only come up with a clever plot for this video, but make sure every skit was perfect! This video gives you a small taste of a post-apocalyptic world, by paying homage to some of your favorite TV programs.

All of the employees involved were elated to be able to participate in the video and give their best Oscar-winning performance! This amazing production really took some team effort to finish. Gina Aiello along with Magda Tourlay took on the roles of Production Assistants. Gina was also the genius behind all of the gory zombie makeup. The gruesome special effects were done by our very own Dan Mitchell, Director of Photography, taking this video to the next level. Everyone was extremely proud of their work and what we had created with this film!

Mark Johnson, the creative director and head writer for the production gave us a final reflection on the finished product, “I couldn’t be happier with the results. I thought bringing my vision to life would be difficult but it’s easy when you have such a dedicated and talented team around you.”

We hope you enjoyed our video as much as we did!