Custom North Slope Chiller and FluxWrap Capabilities

Custom North Slope Chiller and FluxWrap Capabilities

Cold. It’s what your products need the most. With winter over, it will become increasingly difficult to maintain product temperatures where you want them to be. There are solutions: industrial chillers and cooling wraps can ensure your products don’t get too hot or cold. But do chiller manufacturers understand your specific cooling needs?

Bring on North Slope Chillers. From massive fluid circulating systems to individual container cooling jackets, North Slope Chillers is capable of providing chill to any size of system. If you need to simply cool a standard 55 gallon drum or other common size, we likely have ready to ship products ready for you. However, if your cooling needs are a little more specialized we are ready to help with a world class engineering team ready to design a solution specifically for you. Flux Wraps have been used to cool pipes, pressure testing tanks, oversized gas cylinder, custom fermentation tanks, large hydroponic storage tanks, process chutes, pieces of over-heating machinery and more.

Used in over a dozen professional industries, our chillers have a presence nearly everywhere without leaving too big of a footprint on your factory floor. Portable, customizable and a piece of cake to use, North Slope Chillers is known throughout the world as the leader in industrial chilling equipment.

Custom North Slope Chiller and FluxWrap Capabilities Two examples of custom flux wrap jackets

The implication of using North Slope Chillers is astounding. Regardless of their size, our chillers meet a variety of temperature control situations. From cooling lasers to preventing fermentation in foods, and from reducing friction heat in the printing industry to forming plastics, the chillers we make already make a difference in nearly every industry.

Not sure what size chiller you need? Visit our site, where an easy-to-use formula will help you decide what type and size of chiller will best suit your cooling situation. Need a custom Flux Wrap? Call The Cary Company today at 630-629-6600 and let one of our temperature control experts help you find the perfect solution to meet your specific cooling needs. Using our personalized ordering system, discovering a chiller size to meet your needs has never been easier.